Ranking all GTA Online The Last Dose missions from worst to best

Labrat in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Labrat in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online saw an influx of five brand new campaign missions that brought the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC to a close.

These five missions were a part of The Last Dose DLC, which saw a minor character return to play the role of the primary antagonist. Each of them had something different to offer GTA Online's massive player base.

However, some of them were more unique, while others had players repeating the same tasks they have done time and again in this franchise.

That being said, let's take a closer look at each of the GTA Online: The Last Dose DLC update missions and rank them from worst to best.

This is an Intervention is the worst GTA Online The Last Dose update mission

5) This is an Intervention


This is an Intervention is the first Last Dose mission. The plot of this mission revolves around the abduction of Labrat by unknown goons clad in white clothes. Following which, players are engrossed in a lengthy and tiring gunfight against an overwhelming number of these white-clad people.

This mission offers nothing more than what players have already done a thousand times in the GTA franchise, let alone in GTA Online. There is nothing else to do in this mission besides a gunfight that goes on for an unnecessary length of time and ends abruptly.

4) Unusual Suspects


Unusual Suspects is the second Last Dose mission. Players have to drive over to three gang bases, taking out a small number of NPC gangsters at each base and intimidating their leader into spilling out Labrat's location. Following that, there is a brief sequence where players sneak into a warehouse to find evidence.

Once again, this mission adds on to the already long list of GTA missions where players are asked to drive to various locations and shoot their way through to the objective. However, it gets over quickly rather than having more pointless and lengthy battle sequences.

3) FriedMind


The third entry on this list is also the DLC update's third mission. FriedMind tasks players with sneaking into FriedMind HQ, where they have to stealthily make their way up to the top floor. Using a silenced weapon for this phase is advised.

The top floor will have the key to the basement, where players will finally reunite with Labrat following another gunfight, after which Dr. Friedlander makes an appearance.

The mission ends with players driving away with Luchadora and Labrat back to the Freakshop. It is a better mission than the first two as it offers a little bit of everything.



BDKD is the final mission of The Last Dose update. It is an action-packed quest that involves players chasing and then crashing into Dr. Friedlander's aircraft with a plane of their own, shooting through the last of FriedMind's goons, and stealing the plane along with the narcotics inside for themselves.

Despite GTA 5's mission, "Minor Turbulence", being practically the same, high-flying action sequences like this one are rare and almost always enjoyable.

However, the minor downside of this mission is another lenghty shootout at the end. It looks like Rockstar Games were eyeing to end the saga with a bang. While it is understandable, this could have easily been avoided.

1) Checking In


Maintaining the trend of lengthy gun battles in the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, Last Dose's fourth mission also involves an extended one at its center. But what makes it extremely unique are its parameters. Upon trying to break into the rehab clinic, players are blasted in the face with Dr. Friedlander's new psychedelic formula that puts them in a trance.

Rockstar Games uses a ton of creative freedom in this mission. Under the influence of drugs, we fight green aliens coming out of a UFO, multiple variants of Dr. Isiah Friedlander, and a multitude of our own characters. Players have to crack a riddle to end this mission, which is a nice touch, adding to its freshness.

Despite some missions being repetitive, the story was nonetheless intriguing, to say the least. The way Dr. Friedlander exited the franchise makes one wonder where and in what capacity he might show up again. Till then, we can enjoy riding around in the super stylish Ocelot Virtue that the doctor left behind.

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