Best stocks to buy in GTA 5 story mode: A beginner's guide

Most profitable stocks to buy in GTA 5 Story Mode (Image via GTA Wiki)
Most profitable stocks to buy in GTA 5 Story Mode (Image via GTA Wiki)

The stock market in GTA 5 Story Mode is one of the hidden gems the game has to offer. Rockstar Games has included a functional digital trading market that goes up or down depending on the events and what you do in the game. Unfortunately, many players are unaware that you can gain profits from the stock market as well. However, it is a complex process and requires a decent knowledge of real-life trading practices.

For the benefit of players, this article lists the best stocks that you can buy in GTA 5 Story Mode to make profits and other details associated with them.

Note: Some parts of this article are subjective and only reflect the writer's opinions.

List of the most profitable stocks that you must buy in GTA 5 Story Mode


Before starting, readers should note that this article only puts emphasis on the names of the stocks that are proven to be the most profitable in the game. For a detailed analysis of the in-game trading system, you can refer to the GTA 5 stock market guide.

Rockstar Games has added two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5: Liberty City National (LCN) Exchange and BAWSAQ. The latter is a community-driven market and has no definite outcomes. You may make or lose money depending on how others trade in the market.


However, the LCN market is story-driven and can be manipulated with a few tricks. Following are the stocks that you must buy in the Liberty City National exchange to make the most profits (in chronological order):

  1. Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET)
  2. Bilkinton Research (BIL)
  3. Merryweather (MER)
  4. Debonaire (DEB)
  5. Redwood (REC)
  6. Fruit (FRT)
  7. Facade (FAC)
  8. Vapid (VAP)
  9. GoldCoast (GCD)
  10. Tinkle (TNK)

One should note that some of the stocks make profits only after you complete the Lester Assassination missions in GTA 5. The following is a classification of the missions and stocks related to their outcomes:

The Hotel Assassination

  1. Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET)
  2. Bilkinton Research (BIL)

Finale: The Third Way

  1. Merryweather (MER)

Lester’s Multi-Target Assassination missions

  1. Debonaire (DEB)
  2. Redwood (REC)
  3. Fruit (FRT)
  4. Facade (FAC)
  5. Vapid (VAP)
  6. GoldCoast (GCD)

Hitch List random event

  1. Tinkle (TNK)

You can also buy other stocks in GTA 5 Story Mode and sell them when you see profits. However, there are no proven tricks to manipulate them to be profitable.


The stock market is only accessible in the single-player mode. Many fans often complain that adding a functional stock market to the multiplayer version would have completely eliminated the need to use GTA Online money glitches to make profits.

Rockstar Games is also reportedly working to add the stock market in Grand Theft Auto 6. Many insiders previously stated that the upcoming game would have a new market where they’ll be able to trade cryptocurrency as well.

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