GTA 5 Lester Assassination Missions guide (2024): Best stock market tips, and more

Completing Lester's Assassination Missions is a great way to increase your GTA 5 earnings (Image via Sportskeeda)

Lester’s Assassination Missions are one of the most popular GTA 5's money-making methods even in 2024. Using the right strategies, these side missions can net you a lot of cash if done correctly. While the developer Rockstar Games does not explicitly tell you about these strategies, the Grand Theft Auto community has found several tricks to maximize profits in the game.

These tricks and strategies are so well hidden in the game that most players might not get to think about using them and instead rush through the missions. That said, this article explains how to utilize Lester’s Assassination Missions in GTA 5 and earn maximum profits from the stock market in 2024 and beyond.

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GTA 5's Lester’s Assassination Missions and stock market manipulation: A brief guide


In GTA 5, Lester Crest provides the assassination missions to Franklin Clinton via payphones. While the narrative offers these assignments in the early to mid-game stages, players must save them for a later time to reap the full benefits.

However, to advance in the GTA 5 story, you must complete The Hotel Assassination. It is the first mission in the series, which Lester offers near Vespucci Beach.

Before you trigger the mission, invest all the money from all three protagonists in Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) stocks on the BAWSAQ stock exchange. Once this is done, save the game several times until the return percentage hits 50% and sell your holdings.


After that, you must avoid Lester's Assassination Missions and complete the game's story. Choose the third option in the final mission to gain profits for all protagonists.

Once you’ve received the payment, buy Debonaire (DEB) stocks and then complete the next Lester’s Multi-Target Assassination mission. When the mission is completed, save the game as Franklin several times until the profits hit around 35%, and then sell the holdings.

Next, you must purchase Redwood (REC) stocks, save the game as Trevor six to eight times, and reload the save file. Save it again until the earnings exceed 100%, and then sell the holdings.


Before engaging in The Vice Assassination mission, buy shares in the Fruit (FRT) company. After finishing the mission, save the game as Franklin four to six times and sell the stocks when the return is around 25%.

While other assassination missions require you to trade beforehand, you must remember not to purchase or sell any stocks before The Bus Assassination mission.

Complete the assignment and buy Vapid (VAP) stocks. Save the game as Trevor four to eight times until the profits are around 90%. When you hit the threshold, liquidate your holdings.

The next mission is Construction Assassination. Before you begin, buy GoldCoast (GCD) stocks and save the game three or four times as Franklin once you've completed the assignment. When you see the profits reach around 50%, sell the holdings of all three protagonists to reap the benefits.


You can also use a few non-Lester-related tricks to profit from the stock market in GTA 5. After the final story mission, play as Michael until you receive an email from Donald Percival. Then, purchase Merryweather (MER) stocks, save the game multiple times until the profit exceeds 70%, and then sell them.

Similarly, before engaging in the first Hitch Lift random event, purchase Tinkle (TNK) stocks, save the game multiple times as Franklin, and sell the holdings when the profits are around 30%.

Fans can also expect the GTA 6 story to have some form of stock-related gameplay as well.

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