"Boycott Rockstar": GTA Online fans react to Issi Rally being limited-time drip feed car

GTA Online players are still angry on Rockstar Games for not fixing the PC version (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online players are still angry on Rockstar Games for not fixing the PC version (Image via Rockstar Games)

With the most recent weekly update, Rockstar Games released the Weeny Issi Rally in GTA Online. However, unlike previous drip feed vehicles, the gaming studio added it as a limited-time offer.

According to an official newswire published on January 26, 2023, players can purchase the vehicle from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website or the Luxury Autos showroom by February 1, 2023.

The PC version of the multiplayer game is plagued by an intrusive remote code execution exploit that forces players to avoid it voluntarily. Furthermore, Rockstar's decision to make the drip-feed vehicle a limited-time souvenir enraged many. Some have also proposed boycotting the game and Rockstar.

@GhillieYT Boycott Rockstar

While it is highly unlikely that the studio will change its mind, GTA Online players on PC expressed their sheer dissatisfaction in a series of tweets.

GTA Online PC players called out Rockstar Games for making the Issi Rally a limited-time offer

On January 26, 2023, popular GTA YouTuber GhillieMaster shared a tweet expressing their displeasure with the Issi Rally. The YouTuber chastised Rockstar Games and claimed that making the vehicle a limited-time souvenir is unfair to PC players as they are still vulnerable to the remote code execution exploit.

Rockstar making a vehicle only available for a limited time while the PC version is a danger to even log in to get said vehicle is truly one of the decisions of all time

They also mocked the studio and termed it “one of the decisions of all time.”

Other GTA fans quickly reacted to the post and shared their thoughts. According to a user named VIII-Prinzz Eugen, Rockstar's decision makes no sense.

@GhillieYT Ikr it doesn’t make sense at all😂

Another user, Jarenn, stated that Rockstar Games intends to extend the drip feed content of the Los Santos Drug War DLC until before the summer DLC arrives this year.

@GhillieYT Typical Rockstar, they are really extended the drift feed until July

Users Cayo Perico and JS's green and blue said that the studio does not care about its players anymore.

@GhillieYT It’s ridiculous. They just don’t care
@GhillieYT classic rockstar, realll classic. it’s crazy how they don’t give a shit anymore.

Another user, Tom Roache, stated that the PC exploits prevented them from obtaining the new Rabbit mask.

@GhillieYT I’m more upset I couldn’t get my rabbit mask due to fear of this bs.

User Leonel Castellano (LaczPro19) said that the Issi Rally is not worth the time, money, and risk to collect.

@GhillieYT Nope. That car is bad on PC, no better than the Issi Sport which wasn't meant to be a rally car (but it does wonderfully on Cayo Perico races). On console at least you have the HSW upgrades.

GTA Online players also flooded Rockstar Games' official tweet about the Issi Rally. The studio announced the vehicle on Twitter on January 26, 2023, and fans immediately reacted to the availability factor.

Pick up the Weeny Issi Rally in GTA Online — only available through February 1. This undersized but thoroughly capable SUV is upgradeable at Hao’s Special Works on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to unleash its full potential:

Popular Rockstar Games data miner, Yan2295, advised the developers not to build a habit of making normal vehicles a limited-time only souvenir.

@RockstarGames Let's maybe not make a habit of making cars available for a limited time?

Another data miner, WildBrick142, talked about the so-called “fear of missing out” factor with the new vehicle in GTA Online.

@RockstarGames i was going to complain about the FOMO but i guess the holiday season is over, so there's plenty of room for FOMO now, right?

According to user NorthernLaw, Rockstar Games is acting unjust towards a large community of the player base.

@RockstarGames Ah yes an exclusive limited time vehicle and t-shirt. Got to get that FOMO in. Forgetting for a second that this practice is terrible, PC can’t even play the game so you are letting an entire player-base get NOTHING

Brief details and specifications about the Weeny Issi Rally

The Weeny Issi Rally is a four-seater SUV in GTA Online. It is an upgraded version of the previous Issi series vehicles and is only available for a limited time. It is modeled after the real-life Mini John Cooper Works WRC car and has a similarly sporty appearance in the game.


The vehicle is listed on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for $1,835,000. It's a highly customizable vehicle with numerous customization options. Rockstar Games provides four front bumpers, five rear bumpers, 10 hoods, 11 liveries, 13 roofs, 14 spoilers, and more modifications.

Next-gen console players can also equip it with HSW upgrades for an additional $650,000.

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