GTA Online launches new Weeny Issi Rally HSW car with weekly update (January 26, 2023)

Issi Rally is the latest drip feed car added to the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update (Image via Twitter/Tez2)
Issi Rally is the latest drip feed car added to the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update (Image via Twitter/Tez2)

The most recent GTA Online weekly update on January 26, 2023, has added a brand new Weeny Issi Rally vehicle to the game. Rockstar Games released the vehicle as a drip-feed part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update, which was released on December 13, 2022.

There are already four Issi series vehicles in GTA Online, and the most recent addition is the rally version of the well-known car.

Although Rockstar has not released any new vehicles in the last few weeks (except for the Vapid Taxi, which is already available in the game), it certainly surprised fans with the Issi Rally, which is also an HSW upgradable vehicle.

Rockstar Games released the Weeny Issi Rally with the latest GTA Online weekly update

[Jan 26 - Feb 2]New vehicle- Issi Rally ($1,835,000)HSW Upgrade- Issi Rally ($650,000)2x GTA$ & RP- Motor Wars Adversary Mode2x GTA$ & RP & Arena Points- Arena War Modes2x GTA$- Taxi Work (4x GTA$ for GTA+)#GTAOnline

The Weeny Issi Rally is a four-door SUV in GTA Online. It features a compact design inspired by the real-life Mini John Cooper Works WRC vehicle. Southern San Andreas Super Autos described the vehicle as:

“When you hear Weeny made a sports SUV, what do you picture? Is it A) School runs, work commutes, and a trunk packed up for a hiking trip? Or B) Racetracks. barrel rolls, and the crowd losing its mind as the fuel tank ignites? 9/10 Los Santos residents answered B. If you answered A, that could be a symptom of a serious imaginative disorder. We advise you to go straight to a therapist and your nearest Weeny dealership. Not necessarily in that order.”

Players can purchase it for a base price of $1,835,000. While the standard car comes with a black and yellow color combination, you can also choose between red, pink, orange, green, blue, black, and white as primary colors while ordering in GTA Online.


After purchasing it, you can take it to the Los Santos Customs garage to further customize it. As a rally car, it can be heavily customized both internally and externally.

The workshop offers four front bumpers, five rear bumpers, 12 chassis, four exhausts, six grilles, 10 hoods, 11 liveries, including rally-themed designs, five mirrors, 13 roofs, seven skirts, 14 spoilers, nine sun strips, and many more.

It has an all-wheel drive layout and a seven-speed automatic transmission. While the actual top speed of the vehicle is currently unknown, based on test drives, it is safe to assume that it can easily beat many race-compatible cars in GTA Online.


Next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players can also take it to Hao’s Special Works Workshop to further customize the vehicle.

The HSW Performance Upgrades cost an additional $650,000 and offer HSW-themed hoods, brakes, engine tunes, liveries, spoilers, suspensions, transmissions, turbo upgrades, and many more.

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