Is BF Weevil Custom one of the fastest cars in GTA Online in 2023?

The Weevil Custom can easily outrun many vehicles in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Weevil Custom can easily outrun many vehicles in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has a plethora of cars that accomplish various requirements. Rockstar Games meticulously designs each car and balances the specs to match the game mechanics. While many options are available, such as futuristic flying cars, weaponized cars, submersible cars, and so on, fast cars will always be a top priority for players.

The Weevil Custom is one of the hottest topics in the fastest car category. Despite the vehicle's unusual design, which is unlike any other sports or race car, many consider it to be one of the fastest in the game.

This article examines all aspects of the Weevil Custom and tries to determine whether it's a race-worthy vehicle in 2023.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Things to consider before purchasing the Weevil Custom in GTA Online in 2023

BF Weevil Custom is a two-door hotrod muscle car in GTA Online. It was released as a drip feed in The Criminal Enterprises DLC during the Halloween event in 2022. Rockstar Games gave the vehicle a spooky appearance and released a Halloween-themed advertisement.


As the name implies, this car is a customized version of its base model. GTA Online players must purchase the BF Weevil and then take it to Benny's Original Motor Works garage to upgrade it.

The standard version has a base price of $870,000 and a trade price of $652,500. The custom version costs an additional $980,000.

The Weevil Custom is inspired by the real-life Volkswagen Beetle Rat Rod. It is a two-door vehicle with a rear engine and open wheels, with the back ones slightly larger and wider than the front. While the car appears to be a simple country-side off-roader, its performance pushes it to the top of the charts in GTA Online.


The engine bay houses a single-cam, Flat-4 engine with a fully-animated timing belt and pulleys. It features a five-speed transmission box and a rear-wheel drive layout. When fully upgraded, the Weevil Custom can reach a top speed of 137.50 mph or 221.28 km/h.

While considering race-worthy vehicles, it is the third fastest car in the game, trailing only the Grotti Vigilante (147.00 mph or 236.57 km/h) and Annis ZR380 (140.50 mph or 226.11 km/h).

While the ZR380 is an Arena War vehicle, the Vigilante is a weaponized supercar that cannot be used in races.

Is the Weevil Custom one of the fastest cars in GTA Online in 2023?


The simple answer is yes. Weevil Custom is the fastest race-compatible car in GTA Online right now. It has excellent acceleration and power, making it an absolute beast in a straight line. While it is already one of the best in the game, Benny's upgrade is the icing on the cake.

The car can be heavily customized, with many options available. In addition to the standard modifications, Benny provides extensive detailing for items such as the steering wheel, gear stick, seats, roof, and many others.

However, it suffers from severe understeer, making it difficult to take sharp corners or even drifts. GTA Online players must adapt to its handling to use the car more effectively.

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