Which GTA Online heist is better for making money? Diamond Casino Heist or Cayo Perico Heist

Comparing GTA Online's two most popular heists to see which pays the most (Images via Rockstar Games)
Comparing GTA Online's two most popular heists to see which pays the most (Images via Rockstar Games)
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Arunabha Shome

GTA Online's heist missions are some of the most popular and fun activities to do in the game. Not only are they usually entertaining and challenging, but there are also amazing payouts that players earn by doing them.

Because of this, GTA Online players are always excited whenever Rockstar introduces a new heist in an update. This has resulted in many heists that players can choose from with their crew, but the two most in-demand ones are the Diamond Casino and Cayo Perico Heist.

These are the biggest and most profitable heists players can do in the game. But because of how much time they have to spend doing them, it might get hard to decide which heist they should give more priority to.

This article will act as a guide for those confused players by analyzing their payouts and other aspects.

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Diamond Casino Heist vs. Cayo Perico: Which one is better in GTA Online?

Diamond Casino Heist


Players can either gather cash, artwork, gold, or diamonds in GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist.

Diamonds are the most lucrative in terms of rewards. However, they are event-limited since they are only accessible for looting during the specified weeks determined by Rockstar Games. Their highest reward in GTA Online will be $3,619,000 when they become accessible.

If a player is unfortunate and receives the other three treasure categories, their earnings will be reduced. The highest payoff for gold is $2,585,000, while the maximum payments for cash and artwork are $2,115,000 and $2,350,000.

Cayo Perico Heist


One of the biggest advantages Cayo Perico has over Diamond Casino in GTA Online is that players can do it solo. As a result, a player efficiently completing it solo doesn't have to divide the loot between several parties.

The Cayo Perico Heist had a maximum payment of $4,570,600. Normally, a player would earn a little over $1 million every 10 minutes, but a strong RNG for secondary item spawning places can boost that amount.

There are five objectives that players have to complete when playing in hard mode, which are Sinsimito Tequila ($990,000), Ruby Necklace ($1,100,000), Bearer Bonds ($1,210,000), Pink Diamond ($1,430,000), and the Panther Statue ($1,900,000).

Artwork, cash, cannabis, cocaine, and gold are secondary goals. In terms of pay, gold is the best secondary goal, however, all secondary objectives spawn at random, making it less stable.



The Cayo Perico Heist is more efficient than the Diamond Casino Heist in terms of constant maximum payment.

It offers a roughly $1 million greater payoff, and the player gets a larger share of the final payout because it may be completed solo.

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