Disputed GTA 6 leaker claims Red Dead Redemption remaster will be announced soon

GTA leaker BOCO now says an RDR 2 remaster is in the works (Image via ArtStation)
GTA leaker BOCO now says an RDR 2 remaster is in the works (Image via ArtStation)

GTA 6 has been on the rumor mill for quite some time now. Gamers just got confirmation from Rockstar about the game being under development. Since then, rumors and leaks have been flooding social media. Most of these leaks and rumors have no credibility. No word from Rockstar is actually adding more fuel to the fire.

Popular leaker BOCOBOCACO, who is famous for false news and leaks, is now looking in RDR 2's way. The leaker said that the game has a remaster or remake that is set to be announced this year. This article attempts to decode this so-called leak.

Erratic GTA 6 leaker says a RDR 2 remake/remaster will be announced soon, fans refuse to take bait

Red Dead Redemption Remake/Remaster (Unknown Whether It's Remake Or Remaster) Will Get Announced This Year, But It Won't Release Until Q2 2023, I Expect Announcement Later This Year. ✅Grand Theft Auto VI Will Get Announced In A Few Months, Trailer Will Come Later This Year. ✅

This tweet from BOCO has been making the rounds on social media of late. It says the legendary fan-favorite game has a remaster/remake on the way.

BOCO is unsure whether it's a remaster to remake, and he specifies that. He also said the game will be announced this year and released in the second quarter of 2023.

That's not all, but BOCO made sure to plug a GTA 6 leak as well. He said the announcement is just a few months away, and so is a trailer.

#RedDead #Rockstar @RockstarGames @PlayStation I recieved huge news from my very reliable source today, according to this, Red Dead Remaster announcement is scheduled for May 2022, keep in mind to take it with huge grain of salt, as Rockstar is yet to mention this.

BOCO has an appalling track record as far as leaks are concerned. He has almost been proven wrong each time. He has garnered a following for that exact reason.

In April, BOCO was sure the RDR 2 Remaster would be announced the following month. In his latest tweet, though, he contradicts himself.

@BOCOBOCACO @RockstarGames @PlayStation "very reliable source" and "take with huge grain of salt" don't get along well in my case but i could be wrong.

The user above pointed out that the 'leaker' contradicts himself within the same tweet. BOCO says it's a 'very reliable source' and tells people to take it with 'a pinch of salt.' Why is there a need for salt when the source is so reliable?

This user hit the nail right on the head with this tweet. Unfortunately for the GTA leaker, this can be said for all his previous attempts, which can be categorized as clickbait, and OG fans can see right through it.


The above user also got in a hilarious reply. This seems to be the direction BOCO will soon make way for, given his track record and reputation.

GTA VI possible map! I'm doing more research on this one with my source, so let's take it with grain of salt, i'll update you.This is possible map of GTA VI (South America)

BOCO recently took a massive hit while trying to fool fans yet again. He tweeted the above picture and claimed it to be the new map for GTA 6. Fans did not even believe him for a bit.

They called him out straight away and pointed out that the picture was sourced from a website that sells digital maps.

When it comes to leaks and rumors, the credibility of the source should be checked first. Secondly, there is a shred of factual detail and logic behind every piece of information.

A genuine leaker does not have to prove themselves over and over again. They also do not need to block other users from posting on their page. Sadly, all this goes against BOCO.

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