Where to get the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online and why players should get it

The Double-Action Revolver's main purpose is the one-time $250,000 bonus it offers to GTA Online players (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Double-Action Revolver's main purpose is the one-time $250,000 bonus it offers to GTA Online players (Image via Rockstar Games)
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The Double-Action Revolver is a weapon that GTA Online players can get very early into their playthrough, and it's worth doing so. It deals good DPS for a pistol, but the main reason why one should consider getting it is for the Headshot Challenge event.

This event requires players to get 50 headshots with this pistol (even against NPCs) and awards them $250,000 for completing it.

The recent Career Builder feature gives players a generous start in the next-gen ports of GTA Online. However, that money won't last forever, and it wouldn't hurt to have an easy $250,000 bonus to fall back on. Not to mention, it's still a good pistol to use at the start of the game.

GTA Online players get the Double-Action Revolver through the Treasure Hunt event


The player will eventually get an email from [email protected] that should read:

"Use the photograph in this email to identify the location of the treasure."

They will then be given an image featuring one of 20 possible locations. The goal is to find a hidden note in the featured location and then go to three marked areas to find several clues. Once they find three clues, they will be told to go to the final location to pick up some treasure.

That treasure will contain the Double-Action Revolver. They will also receive $5,000 per clue found. Keep in mind that all of the general Treasure Hunt locations will be marked on the player's map.

Headshot Challenge


GTA Online players who obtain the Double-Action Revolver will now be eligible for the Headshot Challenge. They just have to get 50 headshots with this weapon (swapping to a different gun won't count). The challenge should be easy for most players, given that this gun is quite respectable for a pistol.

Note: Headshotting NPCs count. Thus, one doesn't have to attempt PVP with this gun and can instead choose to headshot NPCs any way they want. It's recommended to do so in a Survival Mode challenge, as there will be swarms of NPCs in them, and players won't have to worry about law enforcement.

Once GTA Online players complete the Headshot Challenge, they will earn $250,000, plus a variation of this gun in Red Dead Redemption II. It's a one-time bonus, so they can't repeat the Headshot Challenge repeatedly for more money.

Double-Action Revolver

How the gun looks like in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
How the gun looks like in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Double-Action Revolver is a surprisingly accurate pistol that can shoot almost two shots a second, dealing 81 damage per shot. It's a useful weapon for beginners, considering it is obtainable at Rank 1. Most pistols aren't very good in GTA Online, so being better than most isn't a high bar.

It's unlikely to be a gun that players will regularly use once they have access to good assault rifles and other weaponry. The main reason to use the Double-Action Revolver is for the Headshot Challenge, especially since one can get the $250,000 bonus in less than half an hour.

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