Easy way to complete Demolition Man in GTA Vice City

Easy method for completing the Demolition Man Mission in GTA Vice City (Image via GTA Base)
Easy method for completing the Demolition Man Mission in GTA Vice City (Image via GTA Base)

The 3D-era Grand Theft Auto games have a plethora of difficult missions that can leave players frustrated, and GTA Vice City is no exception. Demolition Man is regarded as the hardest mission in the game. However, there are some simple and easy tricks that players can employ to complete it.

This article explains how GTA Vice City gamers can finish Demolition Man using a rather unconventional approach.

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How to easily finish Demolition Man Mission in GTA Vice City


The Demolition Man Mission in GTA Vice City requires players to fly a remote-controlled Goblin helicopter and plant four bombs on four floors of a building under construction. While the objective appears to be simple, the chopper is notorious for frequently crashing and its poor handling.

The site is packed with guards and construction workers who can attack the Goblin. The seven-minute timer, which starts as soon as the helicopter touches a bomb, forces players to act quickly, and even minor mistakes with the remote-controlled chopper can result in fatal crashes and mission failure.

Instead of following what the mission tells you to do, you can perform a scan of the building without touching the bombs and use the RC helicopter to kill the enemies before starting to plant the explosives.


Simply fly towards the building, keeping an eye out for enemies and bomb drop points around each corner. Guards and construction workers will try to attack the helicopter as soon as they see it. Although the aircraft lacks weapons to kill enemies, GTA Vice City players can eliminate them with the chopper's rotor blades.

Avoid allowing the foes to hit the Goblin repeatedly, as this will cause the aircraft to blow up. Fly directly towards them and get them with the blades when you're close enough. While doing so, check for the bomb drop locations on each floor.


Once all the guards and construction workers have been eliminated until the fourth drop location, return to the bombs and pick one up. Since the enemies have been killed, you can now easily access the floors.

However, you must control the helicopter with extreme precision, as the timer will already have started by this point, and crashing it into the walls will blow it up. Drop the first bomb on the highest floor and the last one on the lowest. You will have to plant four explosives in total. Once it is completed, the building will showcase some fireworks, and the mission will be finished.

Another tip for flying RC Goblin in GTA Vice City

The RC Goblin is one of the most difficult vehicles to operate in GTA Vice City. It adds a challenging element to Demolition Man, putting players' abilities to the test. However, cheat codes can be used to slow down the in-game timer, making it easier to control the chopper.

The cheats for various platforms are as follows:

  • PS4: Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1
  • Xbox: Y, โ†‘, โ†’, โ†“, X, Black, R

While the cheat code makes the chopper easier to control, it also slows down the entire game, making Demolition Man take longer to complete.

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