5 most difficult missions in 3D Universe GTA games

Five toughest mission in the GTA series (Images via GTA Fandom)
Five toughest mission in the GTA series (Images via GTA Fandom)

The 3D games in the GTA series hold many memories, and fans still play them to relive the nostalgia. While the missions are amazing and provide a spectacular experience, some difficult ones have troubled players to this day.

The "difficulty" aspect has been somewhat abandoned in modern HD-universe games, and players can easily complete them in two to three trials. However, the 3D-universe hard missions require multiple trials and hours to complete.

This article lists five challenging missions, one from each GTA game in the 3D universe.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

5 challenging missions in GTA 3D universe games that gave players a hard time

1) The Exchange - GTA 3


The Exchange is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto 3. Catalina assigns Claude to this mission, which ended tragically for her but was fine for Claude and the players. The antagonist kidnaps Claude's ally Maria Latore and demands a ransom of $500,000 in exchange for her release.

Although the protagonist meets her demands, Catalina betrays him and attempts to kill him. After evading several lethal shoutouts, Claude dispatches of her and saves Maria from the enemies. The mission spawns a slew of enemies, and killing them all while following Catalina's chopper is a difficult task.

2) Demolition Man - GTA Vice City


Vice City fans can clearly recall the terrifying mission known as Demolition Man. Avery Carrington assigns the task to Tommy Vercetti, who asks him to take care of a construction building.

Players must fly an RC helicopter and plant bombs in various locations throughout the new building. RC helicopters are difficult to control and can easily crash if not handled correctly. There are also enemies in the building who attempt to destroy the aircraft.

The time limit factor further exacerbates the player's agony. After picking up the first bomb, GTA Vice City fans only have seven and a half minutes to complete the mission. While it's challenging, many players have completed it in record time.

3) Wrong Side of the Tracks - GTA San Andreas

β€œAll we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!”

The above line is very familiar to San Andreas fans. Big Smoke criticized Carl "CJ" Johnson for failing to kill the Vagos members during the mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks." While killing enemies is easier, tailing a running train and letting Big Smoke shoot them is difficult.

CJ and Big Smoke use a motorcycle to follow the train, with the latter shooting the Vagos. While he can take down one or two gang members, it takes him a long time to get the rest. Furthermore, the train reaches its deadline before all members are killed.

The mission is extremely frustrating for new players and may require multiple trials to complete.

4) Cam-Pain - GTA Liberty City Stories


The Cam-Pain mission in Liberty City Stories requires protagonist Toni Cipriani to kill four groups of people who campaign for Donald Love's political opponents. While the gameplay appears simple and straightforward, Toni only has four minutes to complete it.

The mission spawns multiple enemies and players have to engage in fatal shootouts. It is difficult to eliminate several enemies at once on the PlayStation Portable. The time constraint also burdens players, resulting in multiple trials of the mission.

5) The Exchange - GTA Vice City Stories


While The Exchange is one of the most difficult missions in GTA Vice City Stories, it is also one of the most exciting to play. Victor Vance must strike a deal with the DEA, exchanging Ricardo Diaz's drugs for heavy weapons. However, they are ambushed by snipers, and Victor is forced to kill them before the DEA arrives.

Following the deal, he had to drive the weapon-laden truck to Diaz's mansion while being ambushed by Gonzalez's men. The main constraint of this mission is the repeated ambushes that can instantly kill Victor.

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