5 best melee weapons in GTA Vice City, ranked

Five of the best melee weapons available in GTA Vice City (Image via Libertycity website)
Five of the best melee weapons available in GTA Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA games are incomplete without weapons, and players try to get their hands on the best weapons for all-around protection. However, a sword can sometimes do what an M4 cannot, so players must occasionally rely on melee weapons to accomplish their objectives.

The 3D-era retro-classic game, GTA Vice City, includes a variety of melee weapons with which players can put Tommy Vercetti's combat skills to the test. These weapons come in various shapes and sizes and can be helpful in several situations.

This article lists and ranks the top five melee weapons for players to use in close combat situations.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

Top 5 melee weapons in GTA Vice City that are useful in difficult situations

5) Brass Knuckles


Brass Knuckles is an upgrade to fist fights in GTA Vice City. Adding Brass Knuckles to bare fists doubles the damage and causes the enemy to be knocked out faster. Three direct hits with the weapon will instantly kill any NPC in the game.

They can easily be found in roam. Many gangsters and enemy NPCs have them in their arsenals, and killing them will spawn the weapon.

Brass Knuckles come in handy when you run out of bullets in your primary weapon or the enemy attacks you from close range. Once equipped, the melee weapon replaces the bare fist and cannot be removed from the players' inventory.

4) Nightstick


The Nightstick is a primary melee weapon for cops in GTA Vice City, and players can easily equip it after killing them. The weapon is an upgrade to Brass Knuckles and allows players to attack faster and deal more damage. It is a light melee weapon that enables players to run faster after wielding it.

The Nightstick is one of the most common weapons in Vice City. Every cop in the game has one, and players can easily spot them roaming the streets or patrolling in their cars. However, to keep the melee weapons in their inventory, players must first kill them and escape the wanted level.

3) Baseball Bat


The Baseball Bat is the first weapon that comes to mind when discussing melee weapons, and it is one of the most commonly seen close-combat weapons in the GTA series. Furthermore, it is one of the best weapons for carrying around and dealing significant damage in low-intensity combat.

It has a longer range than most melee weapons in GTA Vice City and can easily knock out pedestrians, cops, and mobsters with two hits. The first hit knocks the enemy to the ground, and the second kills them instantly.

2) Chainsaw


Chainsaw is one of the most lethal melee weapons in GTA Vice City, with a higher damage rate than many other primary weapons. The weapon is a machine-equipped chain of pointy metal teeth that can kill others instantly.

It is useful when players are surrounded by enemies and need a quick way out of the ambush. The weapon is so dangerous that it does not need to be perfectly pointed or fired. Simply holding and activating the Chainsaw will instantly knock all nearby enemies to the ground.

However, it does have a disadvantage that significantly degrades the experience. A chainsaw is the only weapon that slows Tommy Vercetti's walking speed and is useless against fleeing enemies. When activated near NPCs, it can scare them and result in a wanted level if cops are nearby.

1) Katana


The Katana is a Japanese sword traditionally used by samurai and one of the best melee weapons in GTA Vice City. Several players have differing opinions on Chainsaw versus the Katana, but many prefer the latter due to its efficiency and damage rate.

Decapitating NPCs with a Katana is one of the most satisfying feelings in the game. One or two Katana strikes can put enemies to sleep for good. It also does not stifle players, allowing them complete mobility.

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