Fans believe GTA 6 may be reworking the wanted level system

Fans speculate possible Police AI changes in GTA 6 (Image via LCPDFR website)
Fans speculate possible Police AI changes in GTA 6 (Image via LCPDFR)

Wanted levels in GTA games are a way to keep players from going rogue. While the process in 3D Grand Theft Auto games was a bit stricter and longer, GTA 4, 5, and Online have changed some mechanisms to make the wanted feeling more "attractive." According to recent reports, GTA 6 has also improved the system, which fans have noticed in the leaks.

Reports about the wanted system's improvements in the upcoming game have opened up new avenues for fans to delve into, and they have left no stone unturned in doing so. While Rockstar is yet to confirm the game's details, fans have already accepted most of them as true.

This article discusses what fans have discovered in GTA 6's wanted-level system.

Note: The leaked data cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions. This information is based on leaks and is subject to change.

GTA 6 fans believe Rockstar Games is reworking the wanted level system

A Reddit user named Nawnp posted a thread on the GTA 6 subreddit where they highlighted some information about the upcoming game's wanted-level mechanism.

According to them, the leaks show a timer for when the police will arrive at the crime scene. While it may be an expansion of the heist mechanism, they believe it will improve the overall gameplay.

In GTA 5 and Online, players receive a wanted level after committing three crimes in a row or one if NPCs report them. Levels and response times remain constant, varying between one and three-star wanted levels.


The Redditor said that Grand Theft Auto 6 could make it a more complicated process in which even minor crimes would prompt the police, but their response time and intensity would vary depending on the crime.

They propose that low-level crimes such as hitting someone, reckless driving, and so on should attract wanted levels with low intensity, with police arriving at the crime scene in about a minute, giving players enough time to flee. Shootings and robberies, on the other hand, attract police quickly, giving the perpetrators less time to run.


A crime-scene-like framework is also suggested, in which dead bodies or crash sites are marked with police markers, just like in real life. This feature is present in 3D-era games, and Rockstar Games should include it in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title.

The user believes this will provide an equitable yet immersive experience to the entire gatekeeping mechanism where law enforcement reacts based on the crime committed, preventing the wanted system from feeling too overwhelming.


Other improvements and suggestions

Other Reddit users contributed to the concept and suggested improving the wanted level system in GTA 6. User DyingLight2002 proposes a police AI similar to Mafia 2, where they remember the criminal's vehicle and clothing and apprehend them if they are seen again.

Another user, Educational-Gear-735, suggests a gameplay improvement method in which the crime site affects the police reaction, with crimes on the outskirts taking longer for police to arrive and vice versa.

User MaxShadowCat proposes a bribing mechanism in the law enforcement system, in which players can bribe cops to clear themselves when apprehended for minor offenses.

These gameplay enhancements are simply suggestions from fans for the upcoming game. While some of them were seen in leaked videos, no one should take them for granted as they were early game builds. In all probability, Rockstar will improve the wanted mechanic to give the game a real-life feel.

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