5 most fascinating details revealed by the GTA 6 leaks

There are many things to notice (Images via Sportskeeda)
There are many details to notice (Images via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 has been hailed as one of the defining games for the next generation, so it's no surprise that many are wondering what the game will be like when they get to play it.

The recent GTA 6 leak showcased gameplay footage from the early build, so expect many changes when the official game is released. However, there are still some interesting details to examine from the leaks.

So for fans wondering what GTA 6 has to offer, this article aims to share some fascinating details that were revealed when the leaked footage broke the internet.

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Here are five of the most interesting details revealed by the GTA 6 leaks

5) Detailed vehicle interiors


In the leaked footage, GTA fans can clearly see how detailed the car interiors were, and how many more interactive features Rockstar Games added.

This will satisfy any player who loves driving cars in the game, and while some players may not pay much attention, every single detail goes a long way towards creating an immersive environment.

GTA games are known for bringing real-life cars into their virtual spaces, so it is amazing to see that Rockstar are also now focusing on these minute features that are generally ignored in many other AAA games.

4) Realistic guns


All of the clips that show how the guns look and function are incredibly realistic, especially when compared to any other GTA title. Guns have always been a core part of the franchise, so seeing Rockstar Games put this much effort into making them look as visually accurate as possible is amazing.

Moreover, authentic loading animation and intricate details on guns will have a positive effect in enhancing a player's experience. Even the muzzle blast and recoil looked authentic, so it is clear that Rockstar Games have adopted many features from other games and improved upon them.

3) Dynamic movement


The leaked videos also show the main characters crouching while moving. With this, fans can assume that Rockstar are probably going to introduce a whole new set of movements that players will be able to perform in the game.

This will not only make the game more dynamic, but will also allow players the ability to move the protagonists in a certain manner that should have an impact on the entire gameplay and how players approach each encounter.

If Rockstar plans to bring an online counterpart to GTA 6, these character movements will be useful for expressing commands rather than constantly relying on voice chat.

2) NPC animation


A leaked GTA 6 clip showed two NPCs talking to each other, and it was clear that the animation looked much more natural than any of the older NPCs from the series. Their more realistic movement appeared quite convincing.

This shows how advanced motion capture has become, and Rockstar Games appears to be doing a great job in exploiting these advanced techniques to make the game more cinematic. Fans can expect a lot of detail in the animation when the actual game is released.

1) Expressive NPCs


One of the most special aspects of the Grand Theft Auto series is how NPCs react to a player's in-game actions. It's safe to say that with GTA 6, fans will experience the most advanced NPC AI.

The way NPCs reacted to robberies in the leaked clips gives us a glimpse of how realistically they express themselves while keeping a familiar Grand Theft Auto tone, especially in their dialogues.

Thus, programming on NPCs will be high-tech and voice acting is expected to be even better. Players will likely encounter many random events while exploring the open world with random NPCs performing actions that should be helpful in improving the overall gameplay.

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