Everything known about leaked GTA Online 50 car garage in Los Santos Drug Wars update

The 50-car garage is currently one of the most anticipated drip-feed content in GTA Online (Image via TW/Tez2)
The 50-car garage is currently one of the most anticipated drip-feed content in GTA Online (Image via TW/Tez2)

The highly-anticipated Los Santos Drug Wars update has been available for a week now, with GTA fans taking full advantage of the DLC content. While current businesses and missions are filled with entertainment, Rockstar Games has promised more surprises as drip-feed content in the coming days.

One significant addition to the DLC is a massive 50-car garage. While the developers are yet to confirm the storage capacity, various rumors by insiders have suggested that the property can store up to 50 different land vehicles.

Meanwhile, game data miners have already discovered game files that include the new property and its features. This article covers every known detail about the 50-car garage in GTA Online.

GTA Online will get 50-car garage as part of Los Santos Drug Wars update

Drip-feed Eclipse Blvd Garage - Coming Early Next Year$2,740,000#GTAOnline

On December 14, 2022, popular video game data miner Tez2 revealed the new garage property in Grand Theft Auto Online via two tweets. One of the tweets included four photos that described additional aspects of the property.

According to the images, the new property will be called Eclipse Blvd Garage and will have the capacity to accommodate a total of 50 vehicles. The garage description reveals that the building will have five floors, each holding up to ten cars.

Leaked screenshot revealing various details of the garage in GTA Online (Image via TW/Tez2)
Leaked screenshot revealing various details of the garage in GTA Online (Image via TW/Tez2)

The property will be located in Vinewood, near West Eclipse Boulevard road. Leaks also reveal that it will cost a whopping $2,740,000 as base fare while players can customize the garage interior at an extra cost.

Tez2 also shared a video exploring the building in the game. As seen in the video, GTA Online players will be prompted to go to a specific basement level upon entering the gate. The user chose Basement Level 1, which led him to a large empty room with decorative lights and a hangout area in the back.

The hangout area has a television, laptop, bottles of wine, some sofas, and other decorative items. The parking area also has a lift in the front right corner from which players can access any floor, including the roof.

The garage appears to be similar to other vehicle storage facilities in GTA Online. However, players cannot spawn in it as there is no accommodation option available. Based on the leaks, the property currently has three major modification options, each with a variety of color choices. They are as follows:

  • Immaculate
  • Industrial
  • Indulgent

Each option modifies the lighting design of the garage except for the hangout area. The color option further enhances the modification and GTA Online players will be able to customize their garages according to their preference when it releases.

One user, MagicAl6244225, inquired whether players would be able to select a different color for each of the five floors.

@TezFunz2 Do you get to pick different decor on each level, like the Office Garages? I'm totally doing Andromeda Strain (book) Wildfire lab colors:🟥 Level 1🟨 Level 2⬜️ Level 3🟩 Level 4🟦 Level 5

Tez2 responded with images from his garage featuring four different colors on different floors.

Brief information on garages in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online includes a variety of garage options. In addition to standalone garages, players can also purchase attached vehicle storage space with other properties in the game.

The apartment garages can hold ten vehicles, Nightclubs can accommodate up to 30, and the CEO Office has a 60-car garage in the game.

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