GTA 6 Florida Joker controversy supposedly comes to an end: Everything happened so far

GTA 6 Florida Joker
The GTA 6 Florida Joker controversy might have come to an end after his latest video (Image via Rockstar Games, TikTok/laurence.sullivan0)

The GTA 6 Florida Joker controversy has been going on for quite a while now. While it started as soon as the first official trailer of the upcoming title dropped, the person in question has been dragging it on ever since, with new allegations each day. However, the controversy seems to have ended since the GTA 6 Florida Joker has found a new target.

Laurence Sulivan, popularly known as the GTA 6 Florida Joker, shared a new video on his TikTok where he said:

"GTA, we don't gotta talk!"

Alongside this, he also mentioned how he is allegedly ending his beef with Rockstar Games but is now angry at an upcoming movie called The Crow since they have stolen his likeliness for one of their characters. This article will discuss everything that has happened so far with the GTA 6 Florida Joker.

Everything that has happened between Rockstar Games and the GTA 6 Florida Joker

As mentioned, the GTA 6 Florida Joker controversy started after Rockstar Games rolled out the official trailer of the upcoming title. In one scene, fans could see a character with face tattoos standing in court. Laurence Sullivan, aka the Florida Joker, claimed that the studio used his likeliness for the character.

He released a video talking about how the character that appeared in the trailer was based on him and that the developers did not get his permission for that. In the video, he said, "GTA, we gotta talk". This has even become a running gag in the Grand Theft Auto community.

Soon afterward, the GTA 6 Florida Joker released another TikTok, threatening to sue Rockstar Games if they didn't pay him $2 million. This was met with hilarious replies from iconic faces like Ned Luke (voice actor of Michael De Santa from GTA 5) and Roger Clarke (voice actor of Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2).

Alongside the fans, the voice actors advised the GTA 6 Florida Joker to use this as an opportunity rather than trying to get into a legal battle with the video game publishing giant. However, he did not stop there and gave the studio an ultimatum stating that his case was different from the Lindsay Lohan controversy from the days of GTA 5.

Soon after, he released a video claiming that he talked to his lawyers and wanted Rockstar Games to pay him $5 million for all the pain and suffering they have caused. However, the studio did not issue any statement regarding this matter and has maintained their silence still.

He even gave an interview to Adin Ross, where he mentioned that he wants the money for his mother and is also willing to work as a voice actor in the upcoming title. However, he did not even stop there and decided to threaten Rockstar Games once again. He said he would break out the GTA 6 hacker and cause further damage to the studio if they didn't pay him $10 million.

Fortunately, things seem to be cooling down since Laurence Sullivan has released a new video saying that he no longer wants to talk to Rockstar Games but wants the makers of the new movie called The Crow to give me monetary compensation since they've used his likeliness for a character in their movie.

Hopefully, this will end the controversy, and the Florida Joker will give it a rest.

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Edited by Adarsh J Kumar
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