GTA 6's leaked $1 billion budget: Where does it stand against GTA 5's budget?

GTA 6's budget is reportedly more than GTA 5 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The GTA 6 leaked budget is one of the most shocking things that startled the gaming community. It was disclosed immediately after the gameplay videos were leaked and took everyone by storm. Although Rockstar Games is yet to confirm this, many players feel the upcoming title is the most expensive project the gaming studio has worked on. Some also compared the leaked budget to that of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Despite being a massive AAA game, the 2013 released title has a significantly smaller budget than the upcoming one. The community is now looking forward to what Rockstar Games will offer in GTA 6 with such an expensive budget.

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GTA 6’s leaked budget indicates a more immersive game than Grand Theft Auto 5

There are many rumors regarding the GTA 6 leaked budget. While some sources say Rockstar Games is spending approximately $1 billion, others suggest it is over $2 billion. In contrast, the current title’s budget was only $265 million.

According to the GTA 6 leaker, Arion Kurtaj, the next Untitled Grand Theft Auto game has been in development since 2014 and Rockstar Games has spent over two billion dollars until 2022. This is a significantly expensive amount for any video game development and if the rumors are true, the upcoming game will clearly become the most expensive game ever developed.

The gaming studio also did not officially reveal the development cost of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, several American press outlets estimated the initial cost to be around $265 million for the Story Mode gameplay.

It should also be noted that Rockstar Games continue to develop content for the multiplayer variant and over the course of time, the expense has certainly increased. But, it is still unlikely to reach close to the billion-dollar mark.

Many recent leaks suggested that the gaming studio is implementing new technology and features. Starting from the graphics and game engine to advance features such as realistic physics, Rockstar is rumored to give players a new gaming experience.

The GTA 6 facial recognition is one of the most talked-about topics that has piqued players’ interests. Many rumors stated that the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) would scan the players’ faces in order to allow them to purchase and play the upcoming game. However, it is unlikely to get implemented as rumored.

Nonetheless, the leaked billion-dollar budget is still a source of fascination for many GTA fans. While some say it is mostly comprised of marketing expenses, others say Rockstar Games is working with popular artists to develop content for the game.

Readers are advised to follow the gaming studio’s official Newswires for any confirmed information about the game.

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