GTA Online Auto Shop guide 2023 - How to buy, best location, and more

The Auto Shop business is one of the most profitable businesses to own in GTA Online (Image via YouTube/GTA Series Videos)
The Auto Shop business is one of the most profitable businesses to own in GTA Online (Image via YouTube/GTA Series Videos)

GTA Online is a grind fest, and businesses are an important source of revenue for players. Rockstar Games provides a variety of businesses and errands to engage in to boost their economy.

Auto Shops are one of the most popular businesses in the multiplayer game, giving players a somewhat legitimate revenue source amidst the world of crime and chaos. The business was added with the GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners DLC update on July 20, 2021.

It's been nearly two years and experienced players have already established their Auto Shops. However, many newcomers are still perplexed about the business and its profits. This article provides a brief guide on how to establish the business, the most suitable locations, and how to make profits from it in GTA Online.

Things to consider before purchasing the Auto Shop business in GTA Online in 2023


Auto Shops in GTA Online are customized garages with vehicle repair and customization options. Similar to other purchasable businesses in the game, players can make it their home or spawn points with additional upgrades.

Rockstar Games offers five Auto Shops across various locations on the map. However, they are all in Los Santos and in urban regions. The Maze Bank Foreclosures website offers Auto Shops for a starting price of $1,670,000 that can go up to $4,472,000 with upgrades. All available locations and their prices are as follows:

  • Mission Row - $1,670,000
  • Flints Autos, Strawberry - $1,705,000
  • Auto Body Shop, Rancho - $1,750,000
  • Tuneups, Burton - $1,830,000
  • Auto Shop, La Mesa - $1,920,000

Each Auto Shop provides the same services and earning options. Therefore, players should not assume that the more costly ones are superior to others.

Although the base prices for all five locations are comparable, if players have enough money to spend on upgrades, they should go with the La Mesa Auto Shop.

However, if players are on a tight budget, they should stick to the Mission Row establishment as the upgrade costs are considerably higher.

The Auto Shop business in GTA Online includes the shop floor, workshop, garage, and mezzanine by default. Players can modify the interior style, structure tints, and emblems, add personal quarters as well as extra car lifts, and hire up to two staff members. It also provides three ways to earn money: Client Service, Contracts, and Exotic Exports.

Client service


The Auto Shop Service, also known as Auto Shop Client Jobs, is one of the first legitimate money-making methods introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online. It requires players to modify and deliver vehicles that random customers have dropped in their Auto Shops.



Auto Shop contracts, also known as Robbery Contracts, are the most lucrative earning methods in the Auto Shop business. Rockstar Games has designed these contracts as mini-heists that contain two setup missions followed by a finale.

GTA Online players can easily earn between $170,000 and $375,000 for just half an hour of work.

Exotic Exports


Exotic Exports are stealing missions where players have to locate and steal certain exotic vehicles in free roam and deliver them to the docks for a cash reward.

Rockstar is currently offering Auto Shops at a 40% discount and has tripled the payouts for all three income streams. GTA Online players who want to set up their Auto Shops should do so before the next weekly update.

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