How to play GTA Online Auto Shop Robbery Contracts for 3x bonuses this week (March 9 - March 15)

The Auto Shop Robbery Contracts are the most profitable jobs in GTA Online this week (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Auto Shop Robbery Contracts are the most profitable jobs in GTA Online this week (Image via Rockstar Games)

The recently released weekly update in GTA Online has elated the player base, with Rockstar Games releasing several lucrative offers and bonuses for the week. The update went live on March 9, 2023, and has significantly boosted the Auto Shop business in the game.

The Auto Shop Robbery Contracts, also known as Tuners Contracts, have received a 3x money boost, encouraging players to grind them and make plenty of money before March 15, 2023. This article provides a brief guide on how GTA Online players can easily earn a 3x bonus by completing Auto Shop Robbery Contracts this week.

Note: All of the figures mentioned in this article are from normal mode.

A beginner's guide to Auto Shop Robbery Contract missions in GTA Online


Auto Shop Robbery Contracts are contract missions that can be obtained through the Auto Shop business. Obviously, GTA Online players must have the business to unlock them. Once you’ve set up the business, you can head to the Job Board inside the premises to review the available contracts.

Rockstar Games offers a total of eight contracts in the Auto Shop. Players should note that only three of them will be visible on the Job Board at any given moment, allowing you to select any one of those contracts from the board. Each contract provides a different amount of money as a reward and features specific gameplay elements.

GTA Online Auto Shop Robbery Contracts, their Rockstar-defined objectives, and the payments are as follows:

The Bank Contract - $178,000

“Hit Fleeca banks across Los Santos and Blaine County and grab all the cash you can.”

The Data Contract - $170,000

“Locate the Merryweather CEO's base of operations and steal his secret files.”

The Superdollar Deal - $185,000

“Halt a military convoy and steal the printing plates they're transporting.”

The Prison Contract - $175,000

“Infiltrate Bolingbroke Penitentiary and assassinate several targets.”

The Agency Deal - $182,000

“Get the location of a stolen narcotics recipe from a dealer held at an IAA Facility.”

The E.C.U Job - $172,000

“Jump a freight train and steal the prototype standalone engine control units inside.”

The Lost Contract - $180,000

“Destroy The Lost MC labs, steal their last shipment of meth, and deliver it to the client.”

The Union Depository Contract - $300,000 to $375,000

“Break into the Union Depository vault, steal the shipment of gold inside, and deliver it to the client.”

Each of these contracts will have two setup missions followed by a finale. GTA Online players should remember that, while setup missions do allow all vehicles and weapons, the finale limits them to only Tuner Race Cars and three armory load-outs - Sharpshooter, Hustler, and Heavyweight.


Players can either complete these contracts solo or collaborate with up to four other players under their organization or MC Club in GTA Online.

While the majority of the contracts can be completed alone, some of them are extremely difficult to get through without a team. Therefore, players are advised to always have at least one associate to assist them during missions.

Players can unlock several abilities that may come in handy while completing these contracts. To unlock them, you must first reach LS Car Meet Reputation level 10 in GTA Online. Once unlocked, you'll gain access to additional abilities such as Quick Fix, Diversion, Setup, and Wingman with an increased reputation level.

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