GTA Online G's Cache map + rewards - A beginner's guide to collect them all

G's Cache is available daily in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

G’s Caches allow players to find and collect rewards in GTA Online daily. This simple mechanic will help generate financial bonuses; however, it is not easy as a new drop-off location gets randomly assigned daily.

To assist gamers with where to look for this secret drop-off, here is a step-by-step guide to collect G’s Cache and everything else they need to know about its rewards and bonuses.

A step by step guide to collect G's Cache in GTA Online

G’s Cache is a random event in GTA Online. Players will get a text message on their mobile phone about G’s crew hiding packages around the city.

The drop-off will spawn at a unique location every day. Players must either find it via exploration or use a map with all possible spawn locations marked and check them individually.

Step 1 - Travel to the location. It gets marked on the players’ mini-map with a purple icon once they are near its vicinity. The following notification will appear on the top left of the screen.

G's Cache notification (Image via Youtube @ GTA Series Videos)
G's Cache notification (Image via Youtube @ GTA Series Videos)

Step 2 - Once the player is at the icon’s location, an opaque white circle will appear on their mini-map. This will indicate the possible area where they must look for the package.

Every location has five spots where the box can be hidden. So, even if a spot gets repeated, players might not find the package at the same exact place as last time

Step 3 - The package will look like a brown taped box. Press the indicated button on the screen to collect the hidden stash. The following image can be used as a reference.

G's Cache box dropped off at a location (Image via GTA Wiki)
G's Cache box dropped off at a location (Image via GTA Wiki)

It will more often than not be tucked away in some corner. Once successfully collected, the players will be rewarded with money, ammo, and snacks.

Step 4 - It is possible to occasionally have a 2-star wanted level upon retrieving the drop-off box. If that is the case, get rid of the wanted level to finish the quest.

However, collecting the stash will sometimes not alert the cops, and players can walk away without trouble.

Players can use the following image of GTA Online’s map to note all 15 locations where the cache drop can spawn and scan through the game to complete this event quickly.

All 15 possible drop-off locations of G's Cache (Image via Rockstar Games)
All 15 possible drop-off locations of G's Cache (Image via Rockstar Games)

Money, RP, and more will be given to players for collecting G's Cache

The details of the rewards collected by obtaining the hidden stash are on the following list:

  • Money - $15,000 - $22,500
  • RP
  • Ammunition
  • Snacks

It should be noted that during special event weeks in GTA Online, the cash reward might be increased, or any other collectible item could be included within the loot.

For instance, players will get a 50% extra cash bonus and RP for completing the in-game random event through February 22, 2023.

Furthermore, the following rewards can be obtained by collecting G's Cache before March 1, 2023 :

  • Camo Roses Slab Canvas Shoes - Retrieve G's Cache once
  • Red SC Dragon Embroidered pants - Retrieve G's Cache 10 times

These will be delivered by March 10, 2023 to the players' wardrobes.

Collection of 5/10/15/20 G’s Caches will give RP bonus and unlock different reward levels of Here Comes The Drop award.


G’s Cache daily event was introduced to GTA Online on February 16, 2023, as part of a new weekly update. Alongside it was the inclusion of Stash Houses, Street Dealers, and other new content in the game.

All of these additions can be utilized to generate decent amounts of financial bonuses by completing relatively simple in-game tasks.

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