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The G's Caches are a great way to earn some quick money in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

The most recent weekly update in GTA Online created a carnival-like environment in the game. Rockstar Games has released a slew of new additions and gameplay elements as part of the February 16, 2023, update. While the new Toundra Panthere vehicle and Eclipse Blvd 50-car garage have piqued players’ interest, the G’s Caches event is a hidden gem that has been added to the game.

It is also one of the most eagerly awaited additions to Grand Theft Auto Online. Several insiders had previously teased the event, and Rockstar has finally included it in the game. However, it will not be visible on the map since it is a random event. Players must find the event’s location and participate to receive the rewards.

This article briefly details how to trigger the G’s Caches event, its rewards, and possible spawn locations in GTA Online.

Everything to know about the G’s Caches event in GTA Online


The G’s Caches event is a daily collectibles event in GTA Online. Rockstar Games provides a cache containing in-game money, ammo, snacks, and RP daily. Players who collect it daily can win around $16,000, free ammo for one of their weapons, and whole snacks.

However, locating the cache is not an easy task. According to GTA Wiki, Rockstar added 15 areas where collectibles could appear randomly. Each area also has 5 possible locations where the cache can be stored. The names of the 15 areas are as follows:

  1. Legion Square - Downtown, Los Santos
  2. Vespucci Beach skate park
  3. El Burro Boulevard/Elysian Fields Freeway, Murrieta Oil Field/El Burro Heights
  4. Mirror Park lake - Mirror Park
  5. Decker Park - Little Seoul
  6. University of San Andreas, Los Santos - Richman
  7. Chumash Historic Family Pier - Near Barbareno Road
  8. Galileo Observatory - Vinewood Hills
  9. Palmer-Taylor Power Station - San Chianski Mountain Range, near Senora Freeway
  10. Hill Valley Church - Great Chaparral
  11. Senora National Park - Grand Senora Desert
  12. Grapeseed Rail Terminus - Union Road, Grapeseed
  13. Millar’s Fishery Co - Galilee, Near North Calafia Way
  14. Bayview Lodge - Procopio Promenade, Paleto Forest
  15. Railyard - Clucking Bell Farms, Paleto Bay

GTA Online will place the cache daily in one of these 15 locations. To spawn it, you must be within 500 meters of its range. Once you’re there, Gerald will text you the following message:

“Seeing as we tight, I figured I'd cut you into my lil secret. My crew got stashes hidden all over town. Money, ammo, even got snacks if you got the munchies. We keep it movin though. New spot every day. Just play it cool in case the cops are watching”

There will also be a purple crate icon with a black question mark visible on the map. GTA Online players must go to the location and search for the cache. Unlike other collectibles, it will not spawn on the map even if you stand directly in front of it. You must look for a khaki-colored parcel with two tapes wrapped around it.


There are two possible outcomes once you’ve collected the cache. GTA Online will give you a two-star wanted level or allow you to walk away freely. If the cops come after you, escape them to complete the event.

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