All 25 Stash House locations in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars

The Stash House Mission in GTA Online will spawn a new random location every day (Image via YouTube/GTA Series Videos)
The Stash House mission in GTA Online will spawn in a new random location every day (Image via YouTube/GTA Series Videos)

GTA Online received a new weekly update on February 16, and fans are giddy with excitement. While the previous few weeks were somewhat dry in terms of fresh additions, Rockstar Games has released a lot of Los Santos Drug Wars DLC drip-fed content all at once this time around.

The gaming studio has unveiled the Stash House Daily Event in GTA Online with the most recent update. It is one of the most highly anticipated drip-fed additions to the game, and players can finally enjoy the gameplay. These missions are an expansion of Gerald's, but they take place in free-roam.

Rockstar has added a total of 25 locations from where players can collect their daily supplies and rewards. For their benefit, this article provides a list of all 25 Stash House spots in GTA Online.

Where to find Gerald's Stash House Daily Events in GTA Online


The Stash House Daily Event will spawn in random locations on a regular basis, marked on the map as purple houses with a target icon on top. Gerald will text you every day about the spot and ask you to raid it for cash and supplies that will benefit your businesses.

All Stash House locations on the Grand Theft Auto Online map (Image via GTAWeb)
All Stash House locations on the Grand Theft Auto Online map (Image via GTAWeb)

Once you receive the text, open the map and place a waypoint on the Stash House. The following is a list of potential locations in GTA Online where you may find the collectibles:

  1. Paleto Bay - Near Pyrite Avenue
  2. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness - Near Great Ocean Highway
  3. Grapeseed - Near Union Road
  4. North bank of the Alamo Sea - Near North Calafia Way
  5. Grapeseed - Between Union Road and Senora Freeway
  6. Sandy Shores - Between Armadillo Avenue and Niland Avenue
  7. Sandy Shores - Near Joshua Road
  8. Tongva Valley - Near Route 68
  9. Harmony - Near Route 68
  10. Grand Senora Desert - Near Cat-Claw Avenue
  11. Chumash - Between Great Ocean Highway and Barbareno Road
  12. Gear Chaparral - Near Baytree Canyon Road
  13. Great Chaparral - Near Senora Freeway
  14. Morningwood - Near Dorset Drive
  15. West Vinewood - Near Eclipse Boulevard
  16. Vinewood - Near Las Lagunas Boulevard
  17. Vinewood - Between Alta Street and Power Street
  18. Mirror Park - Near West Mirror Drive
  19. Vespucci - Between Vitus Street and Cortes Street
  20. Little Seoul - Near Vespucci Boulevard
  21. Strawberry - Between Strawberry Avenue and Innocence Boulevard
  22. East Los Santos - Near El Rancho Boulevard
  23. La Puerta - Between Mutiny Road and South Arsenal Street
  24. South Los Santos - Near Dutch London Street
  25. East Los Santos - Near Orchardville Avenue

Once you reach the Stash House, you must enter and kill the enemy gang members inside. After that, GTA Online will prompt you to break the locker. However, you must first locate the unlock code, which will be written somewhere inside the premises.


Unlock the safe with the code and collect the items. As you exit the Stash House, you will be immediately greeted by enemy NPCs in vehicles attempting to shoot and eliminate you. Escape them in order to complete the Stash House Daily Event.

Gerald will then text you and deliver the collected items to one of the businesses you own. Furthermore, you will also receive a $500 reward on completing the event. In case you do not own any companies, GTA Online will reward you with $30,000 in-game money instead.

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