GTA Online Stash House Safe Code and Rewards - A beginner's guide

The Stash House event can be extremely beneficial for running MC Businesses in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fandom)
The Stash House event can be extremely beneficial for running MC Businesses in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fandom)

The recent weekly update in GTA Online has delighted players to no end. Although the update itself was expected, Rockstar Games surprised the community by introducing several new gameplay elements. These additions are part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, which was released in December 2022, and fans are ecstatic to experience all of them.

Street Dealers are desperate for new hookups, lowly criminals are sticking up storefronts, rival gang's Stash Houses are ripe to get ripped off, and dead drops are now being left in public areas. Capitalize on these new developments in GTA Online:

The Stash House Daily Event is one of the most anticipated additions to Grand Theft Auto Online. While data miners had previously leaked the gameplay, the studio finally added it to the game on February 16, 2023.

However, this is a random event that must be triggered and completed under a variety of different conditions. Most players are finding it difficult to locate the Safe Code, with the rewards being somewhat perplexing as well. For the benefit of the players, this article provides a quick guide on how to complete the Stash House Event in GTA Online.

How to find the Stash House Safe Code and collect rewards in GTA Online

Rockstar Games' Newswire about the event reads:

“Be on the lookout for the new Daily Stash House popping up on your map — these safehouses contain hoarded GTA$ or product, but they’re also packed with enemies.”

Presently, the Stash House Daily Event has 25 spawn locations in GTA Online. Similar to a few other daily events/activities, such as the Gun Van and the Shop Robbery, Rockstar Games will randomly choose a location on the map to trigger this event every day.


You can find its current location by opening up the GTA Online map and looking for a purple house icon with a black target mark on top. When you get close to the area, Gerald will text you to rob it and collect the rewards inside. To enter the Stash House, walk to the entrance and click on the required button.

It should be noted that the Stash House is filled with members of an enemy gang. Once inside, you must watch out for hostile foes armed with guns. Since the area is compact and congested, extreme caution should be exercised as you progress through it.


There are usually three to four enemies inside. You must eliminate them as quickly as possible after they are alerted to your presence. Additionally, you can blow up the interior of the house with a grenade or sticky bomb. Although this has no effect on the rewards themselves, you should be careful in your throw as a small miscalculation can result in you taking heavy damage.

Once you've killed all the enemies, GTA Online will prompt you to open the Safe Lock. However, you must first find the Safe Code to unlock it. Look for a yellow sticky note with three numbers written in the XX-XX-XX format. This has no definite location and can be found anywhere in the premises.


Once you've located it, you can either use a gun or your smartphone to read the code and memorize it. Enter it to unlock the safe and collect your rewards. As you attempt to leave the area, you will be confronted by enemies.

After you escape them, Gerald will automatically deliver the supplies to one of your owned MC businesses. If you don't own any, GTA Online will reward you with $30,000 in-game money instead. You will also receive a $500 reward for completing this event.

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