GTA Online players earn 50% bonus for Data Leak Missions

Dr. Dre needs all the help he can get in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Dr. Dre needs all the help he can get in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Now is a great time to try out the new Data Leak Missions in GTA Online.

Dr. Dre needs to retrieve his stolen music before it gets sent to everybody. GTA Online players can team up with Franklin Clinton to perform a series of Data Leak Missions. However, this requires a lot of setup, which involves time and money. Given the holiday bonus this week, it's definitely worth the investment.

GTA Online players will earn double the rewards for completing these Data Leak Missions. That extra cash and reputation will go a long way in this game. Players should strike while the iron is still hot. Not only will they make some good money, they can also gain access to the Record A Studios.

Earn 50% bonus for Data Leak Missions in GTA Online

Partner with Franklin Clinton and friends in The Contract, an all-new adventure for GTA Online.Fix the kinds of problems plaguing Los Santos high rollers, including helping your A-list client Dr. Dre resolve a high-stakes

Both Franklin and the GTA Online player had to start from humble beginnings. Now they can make the most of their hard work with Data Leak Missions. The 50% bonus pay is a great incentive to help out Dr. Dre.

Players should first buy an Agency

NEWS: Here are the 4 new Agency locations and prices.Cheapest starting at $2,010,000 #GTAOnline

GTA Online has released four new Agency properties. This is where players can work with Franklin to assist A-List celebrities. Players should visit the Dynasty 8 website to purchase these properties. All of them will cost a few million dollars, as the above tweet demonstrates.

Data Leak Missions are only available via the main computer. However, there are certain requirements that must be met beforehand.

How to perform Data Leak Missions


GTA Online players need to complete a few Security Contracts before they can work with Dr. Dre. They can access the main computer to get started. Players can choose between six different contract types, which are listed below:

  • Asset Protection: Protect some cargo from enemies
  • Gang Termination: Wipe out a gang in their hideout
  • Liquidize Assets: Attack some rival businesses
  • Recover Valuables: Find a safe and steal what's inside
  • Rescue Operation: Rescue a client within a given area
  • Vehicle Recovery: Take back a vehicle and eliminate any enemies

Players only need to complete a single Security Contract to unlock the first VIP mission. Franklin will give them a call shortly afterwards. He will then arrange a meeting with Dr. Dre at a golf course. The famous rapper will ask players to retrieve his stolen phone, which contains unreleased music.

This is where players can earn their 50% bonus this week. All they have to do is complete Dre's missions:

  • Setup: Data Recovery: Break into the FIB headquarters to find some important data
  • Nightlife Leak: Track down music at a local nightclub
  • High Society Leak: Track down another music file at a country club
  • South Central Leak: Track down the final music copy at Davis
  • Studio Time: Fend off attackers at Record A Studios
  • Don't **** with Dr. Dre: Take down Johnny Guns and his men

Each Data Leak Mission has multiple stages, so this might take a while. Of course, this is absolutely worth it in the end, as GTA Online players will be handsomely rewarded with a 50% bonus.

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