GTA Online: How good is the Karin S95?

Hao sure does know how to pick a sweet ride (Image via Rockstar Games)
Hao sure does know how to pick a sweet ride (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online should not sleep on the Karin S95, given its overwhelming speed.

Rockstar heavily advertised this vehicle back in the March update. That's when GTA Online finally arrived on next-gen consoles. Without a doubt, the S95 allows players to make a huge statement in local races. Rockstar definitely broke the scale for these newer vehicles.

The S95 unlike anything else in the entire series. Hao's Special Work is an exclusive feature that brings select cars to the next level. It might be very expensive, but it's worth every dollar spent. This vehicle would look great in any player's personal garage.

Here's what GTA Online players should know about the Karin S95


The S95 is primarily based on the real-world Toyota GT86. At first glance, it's a really nice looking vehicle. Of course, the performance is where it really matters in GTA Online. Here's what players should keep in mind before buying.

Where to get the vehicle, how much it costs


Sadly, this vehicle is exclusive to the Enhanced and Expanded version of GTA Online. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players can get their hands on it, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners cannot. However, the S95 is free for those who migrate to next-gen consoles.

The S95 can be purchased directly from Southern S.A. Super Autos. It's a website that will be advertised on the front page of the main web portal.

GTA Online players can buy it for $1,995,000. It can be stored in any personal garage. Players can only customize it at Los Santos Customs or Hao's Special Works. HSW Performance Upgrades are priced at $525,000, so the bare minimum costs would amount to $2,520,000.

Overall performance with HSW Vehicle Upgrades


There is no reason to buy this vehicle without the HSW conversion. It will significantly enhance the overall performance from the S95. Most cars will never reach their top speed without suspension glitches.

Broughy1322 calculates its top speed to be around 155.50 miles per hour with the upgrades. Without them, it can only reach 115.50 miles per hour. The S95 is among the fastest vehicles in GTA Online, without question. It's perfect for getting really good scores on the HSW Time Trials.

Beyond that, it also offers quick turning with buttery smooth handling. It's a top competitor is most street races. Players can always try practicing inside the LS Car Meet to get a good idea why.

Final verdict


This is a great vehicle to have in GTA Online, especially if migrating players get it free of charge. Very few vehicles can directly compete with the S95.

With a ridiculous top speed and great performance stats, it will reliably win most races in the game. Players can make some good money with it, especially if they collect weekly bonuses from various races.

The S95 is also a classy looking car with some good customizable features. Players have plenty of paint jobs to make it stand out. Its a visual beauty whether or not they customize the vehicle.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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