GTA Online offering 2x Cash and RP bonus on Robbery Contracts

GTA Online players should play Robbery Contracts this week to get rich (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online players should play Robbery Contracts this week to get rich (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rajarshi Acharya

GTA Online received its weekly update yesterday, which saw the release of a new vehicle (the Reever) and several weekly bonuses. Players can earn 2x cash and RP bonuses for playing Sumo Adversary Mode, Transform Races, Tuner Contracts, Autoshop Customer Deliveries, and Exotic Exports.

Among these, the Robbery/Tuner Contracts are possibly the most exciting, and this article explores more details about it. These heist-like missions were introduced in the game following the Los Santos Tuners DLC.

Everything you need to know regarding Tuner Contracts in GTA Online


Beginners should know that playing the Robbery Contracts in GTA Online requires an Auto Shop. They can then be started by choosing them from the Job Board inside the Auto Shop property. This business is available to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures once the player has visited the LS Car Meet for the first time.

The Tuner Contracts are multi-part robbery missions with a setup phase and a conclusion, similar to the DLC heists. There are eight Contracts available in Grand Theft Auto Online, six of which were released alongside the DLC:

  • The Superdollar Deal ($166,500): Players are entrusted with ambushing a military convoy and stealing their printing plates in this mission.
  • The Bank Contract ($160,200): This mission requires players to rob all six Fleeca Bank branches throughout the map.
  • The ECU Job ($172,000): This is a high-octane contract where players must climb onto a speeding freight train and steal ECU chips.
  • The Prison Contract ($157,500): This Contract is a little different in that it requires players to assassinate certain prisoners while also assisting another prisoner in escaping.
  • The Agency Deal ($163,800): This mission aims to infiltrate an IAA facility and recover a stolen drug formula.
  • The Data Contract ($153,200): This is another infiltration operation, with players attempting to acquire confidential files from Merryweather instead of the IAA.

Robbery Contracts that were added later


After the DLC was released in July, the following two contracts were added in August and September, respectively:

  • The Lost Contract ($162,000): As the title suggests, players are required to attack the Lost MC, explicitly targeting their meth labs across Southern San Andreas.
  • The Union Depository Contract ($270,000): This Contract involves robbing the Union Depository for a FIB client. To do this, players need to take a pass from a corrupt businessman and blackmail the bank manager.


As mentioned above, GTA Online players will earn 2x the regular cash rewards offered for the missions this week. Besides, first-timers will earn a $75,000 bonus per mission that they complete as a Heist Leader.

Hence, playing Robbery Contracts is a great way to get rich in GTA Online for now, and players should take full advantage of this opportunity.

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