GTA Online's Nightclub Warehouse: How to make money

It's hard to set up, but the money is good for how little effort is involved (Image via Rockstar Games)

Nightclub Warehouses are a semi-passive way to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in GTA Online. Making money with this activity involves Sell Missions. However, the passive part comes from the fact that you will automatically get the stock without doing much.

The only limitation is that you must own other businesses to fully maximize your potential earnings. If you don't own anything besides the Nightclub, then you simply won't make any money off the Warehouse here.

On the bright side, you can still make money from the club's passive income. GTA Online players can then use that money to buy other properties to get started on the Warehouse Management stuff.

How you can make money off of a Nightclub Warehouse in GTA Online

You can access the important information on the computer shown here (Image via Rockstar Games)
You can access the important information on the computer shown here (Image via Rockstar Games)

Here are the things you can sell from a Nightclub Warehouse and the businesses that you must own:

  • Cargo and Shipments: Special Cargo Warehouse or Hangar
  • Sporting Goods: Bunker
  • South American Imports: Cocaine Lockup
  • Pharmaceutical Research: Methamphetamine Lab
  • Organic Produce: Weed Farm
  • Printing & Copying: Document Forgery Office
  • Cash Creation: Counterfeit Cash Factory

Keep in mind that you need to own an Office to get a Special Cargo Warehouse. Likewise, you have to purchase a Clubhouse to get the following secondary properties:

  • Cocaine Lockup
  • Methamphetamine Lab
  • Weed Farm
  • Document Forgery Office
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory

In a nutshell, you have to spend money to earn cash with GTA Online's Nightclub Warehouse.

An example of what you might see if you only have a few businesses (Image via Rockstar Games)
An example of what you might see if you only have a few businesses (Image via Rockstar Games)

Having some businesses isn't enough to get everything rolling, though. You must also hire Technicians. This would normally cost you:

  • Yohan: Free
  • Technician #1: $141,000
  • Technician #2: $184,500
  • Technician #3: $240,500
  • Technician #4: $312,000

Hire some Technicians and assign them to work on all of the businesses that you have available at the moment. There is no need to hire a Technician if you do not have enough work for them to do, as that just wastes money.


You also need to buy as many upgrades for the Nightclub Warehouse as possible to maximize how much money you get from this property. For reference, here are the values you could potentially earn in GTA Online per maxed-out inventory:

  • Cargo and Shipments: $500,000
  • Sporting Goods: $500,000
  • South American Imports: $270,000
  • Pharmaceutical Research: $229,500
  • Organic Produce: $162,000
  • Printing & Copying: $81,000
  • Cash Creation: $189,000

Those numbers are equivalent to the following hourly rates:

  • Cargo and Shipments: $8,571 per hour
  • Sporting Goods: $7,500 per hour
  • South American Imports: $13,500 per hour
  • Pharmaceutical Research: $11,475 per hour
  • Organic Produce: $6,075 per hour
  • Printing & Copying: $5,400 per hour
  • Cash Creation: $9,450 per hour

All you have to do is assign the Technicians to each category, and they'll do the rest from there. Tony Prince will eventually text you when the inventory is full, so return to the Nightclub computer to do the Nightclub Warehouse Sell Missions.

Those Sell Missions are how you can make cash off this property in GTA Online.

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