GTA Online user spooked by NPC resembling Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer comes to celebrate Halloween in GTA Online (Image via Reddit)
Jeffrey Dahmer comes to celebrate Halloween in GTA Online (Image via Reddit)

Halloween has arrived early in GTA Online and players can be seen trying to spook each other in the festive spirit. Rockstar Games has many clothes and other accessories available in GTA Online, and players have changed their looks to match the Halloween vibe.

While many outfits and styles in the game resemble real-life characters or pop culture elements, one player has encountered a gamer cosplaying Jeffrey Dahmer, a vicious serial killer, in the title.

GTA Online player finds Jeffrey Dahmer roaming the streets of Los Santos

A Reddit user named RashonTooDope shared a video in which they encountered a person who resembled Jeffrey Dahmer. According to them, they were away from the game for a few seconds, and infamous killer was standing behind them when they returned.

As Halloween approaches and GTA Online prepares for the event, players can be seen donning various costumes. RashonTooDope, dressed as the Joker from Batman comics, was startled by Jeffrey Dahmer's impersonator and killed them out of fear for their character's life.

Although the impostor appeared to be an NPC, a close look at the video revealed that it is a player named wrIlds- who stood behind RashonTooDope after activating Passive mode. This nifty feature conceals their name and location on the map, allowing them to wander freely around like an NPC.


While the Redditor eliminated the potential threat, wrIlds- must be commended for their sense of humor and the effort they put into their GTA Online character. Although not identical, they bore an uncanny resemblance to Jeffrey Dahmer, prompting RashonTooDope to take them down.

Moreover, the player imitated Evan Peters' portrayal of the character from the Netflix series, Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Redditors' reaction to the Jeffrey-Dahmer impersonator

The clip received numerous reactions from other Reddit users, many of whom shared comments about the character. One user named MattTEI compared the character to a younger version of Lester Crest.

Talking about the impersonator's potential plans, user TheFoothillsHaveEyes likened it to a scene from the Netflix series in which Dahmer photographs his victims.

While user MonkeyDaLamb talked about the irony in the video, ze_ex_21 provided a different interpretation of the story.

User Wildebeast1, expressing their sorrow, mentioned how Dahmer was simply lounging around in the game.

Another user, disrupter87, mentioned an amusing crossover between the Dahmer story and the game.

While Jeffrey Dahmer is not someone to idolize, seeing such references in the game adds to the spirit of immersion and players' imagination.

GTA Online Halloween updates 2022


Like last year, Rockstar has already begun rolling out Halloween-themed updates early on in both Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online. While the official announcement for the latter is still pending, players can already find several spooky-themed centerpieces in the game.

With the most recent weekly update on October 6, Rockstar restored the Fränken Stange and Albany Lurcher cars in the game. In addition, a new Adversary mode called Judgement Day has been added for the community.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?


Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer from Wisconsin. Between 1978 and 1991, he committed a number of crimes, including murder, necrophilia, cannibalism, and others. He was later imprisoned for his crimes in 1992.

Netflix recently launched a new documentary series called Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, starring Evan Peters in the titular role. The series became popular right away, with Peters' appearance becoming the face of Jeffrey Dahmer in pop culture.

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