GTA Online's Halloween events might kick off today

Fans have discovered upcoming GTA Online Halloween event details (Image via Rockstar Games)
Fans have discovered upcoming GTA Online Halloween event details (Image via Rockstar Games)

Halloween is quickly approaching, and GTA Online is also gearing up to host the event in-game. While Rockstar Games is yet to make an official announcement, dataminers have discovered several hints about the upcoming event.

Last year, Rockstar ran the Halloween Surprise event from October 28 to November 3. Although it is a little early for Halloween or any related events, there is a good chance that this year's event might be teased today, October 6.

This article focuses on what dataminers have discovered about the upcoming event.

Rockstar hints at GTA Online Halloween event in newswire modules

Rockstar updated the modules behind the newswire website today to include references to #GTAOnline Halloween event. A Halloween theme, font and a skull icon.Safe to say today's event will be the first part of the Halloween event.

TezFunz2, a well-known Grand Theft Auto dataminer, tweeted that they had discovered allusions to an upcoming Halloween-themed event on the official Rockstar newswire. Although the newswire has not yet been released, the sources contain a value and label field called "GTAO Halloween 2022."

The user posted two photos, one of which features an event-specific font and skull icon. Although the event may not begin immediately, TezFunz2 has stated that it will be the game's first part of this year's Halloween event.

Rumored vehicle discounts (Image via TezFunz2)
Rumored vehicle discounts (Image via TezFunz2)

The tweeted images show some discounted value as well. While no specifics of the discounted figures are given, four suffixes titled "Test Vehicle" are mentioned. Rockstar may offer 25%, 50%, and 75% discounts on specific vehicles and a free 100% discount.

Red Dead Redemption Halloween event

Rockstar's official tweet about the Halloween event in Red Dead Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rockstar's official tweet about the Halloween event in Red Dead Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

On October 4, Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption Online's Halloween special event. According to the official tweet, the event will begin on October 18, 2022. Even though both games are entirely different, GTA Online's Halloween event may begin around the same time.

Fans' reactions to the upcoming Halloween event

The Halloween event will be a new addition to the ongoing Criminal Enterprises DLC update, but fans were hoping for some other news from Rockstar Games. One user, PlayboiTNNR, was expecting a GTA 6 teaser, which is still a few months away.

@TezFunz2 Aren’t we getting a gta 6 tease

While some fans anticipate the teaser to be released next year:

@TezFunz2 GTA VI reveal next month or 1st half of next year.

Others believe Rockstar will release it in a subtle style similar to RDR 2:

@Networker2020 @TezFunz2 Nope. They will reveal during the event just like they did for RDR2. GTAO Bikers event lasted two weeks and they teased RDR2 in the middle of the event

GTA 6 leaks and latest details

On September 18, a user going by the handle teapotuberhacker leaked footage and images from the upcoming game. The 90 videos and images provided a glimpse of what the game will look like. Rockstar also confirmed that the leaks are from the upcoming game and called the incident extremely disappointing.


Much new information about the game has surfaced since then. Despite Rockstar's silence regarding the most recent rumors and reports, dataminers and fans have already created a timeline of how Rockstar will introduce the upcoming game to the public.

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