GTA Online Vehicle Cargo guide for beginners in 2022

Vehicle Cargo Warehouse is one of the best businesses to own in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fandom)
Vehicle Cargo Warehouse is one of the best businesses to own in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fandom)

GTA Online allows players to run a variety of businesses. Rockstar Games broadens the multiplayer game mode by incorporating several businesses that offer unique experiences in the game.

While most of them are passive jobs and operate in the background, the Vehicle Cargo business is one of the few that requires active participation.

It is one of the most lucrative errands in GTA Online, and players can make a lot of money grinding it. However, they can employ tricks and methods to maximize the output value of the Vehicle Cargo business.

This article serves as a primer for those new to GTA Online.

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How to operate a Vehicle Cargo Warehouse in GTA Online in 2022


To begin the vehicle cargo import/export business, GTA Online players must own a Vehicle Cargo Warehouse first. Before that, one must own a CEO Office and register as a CEO via the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Once registered, go to your office computer and purchase a vehicle warehouse.

Nine vehicle warehouses are available for purchase, but GTA Online players can own only one. Once purchased, you must source a vehicle from the same computer to set up the Vehicle Cargo Warehouse. After that, you can access the warehouse anytime to do import-export missions.

However, it should be noted that players can only export vehicles from the warehouse laptop. To source vehicles, you must access the CEO Office computer.


GTA Online players have access to three vehicle ranges that they can import and export from their warehouse: Top range, Mid range, and Standard range. Top-tier vehicles make the most money, while mid- and standard-tier vehicles make less. Players cannot choose any vehicle and its class by themselves as it is randomly provided by the game.

The import process is divided into 15 missions that must be completed to obtain the vehicle. While some are simple and straightforward, others are more complex, and players may be pursued by cops or enemy NPCs in cars.

However, it should be noted that these enemies are after the player, not the source vehicle. Therefore, it is best to park the car and take a safe position as soon as they spawn.


The enemies are aimbots who can easily damage your car and kill you. Any damage to the car during the import process will cost you money to repair, reaching up to $30,000 in some cases. Therefore, one should keep the car as safe as possible from enemies and other NPCs.

Once imported, you can instantly sell the car at an increased price. Each vehicle class has a different market value. As is customary, GTA Online players should always prioritize selling Top range vehicles for the most benefit. While you cannot control the game to provide you with only top-tier vehicles, you can influence it to some extent.

The vehicle warehouse has a maximum capacity of 40 vehicles, 32 of which are unique. These 32 automobiles are divided into 12 top-tier, 10 mid-tier, and 10 standard-tier models. The goal is to collect and store all 20 Mid and Standard range vehicles so that the game can only offer you Top range selections.


Players can export up to four vehicles at once with the help of others. The cars have three customers: Private, Showroom, and Specialist dealers, each offering a different price for the vehicle. GTA Online players should always choose Specialist Dealers to export their cargo for the most benefit.

Export missions are also obstructed by up to four waves of enemy NPCs. Similar to import missions, players can park their vehicles and dispose of enemies, as any damage to the automobile will reduce overall profits.

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