Here is how GTA San Andreas players can get the unlimited minigun

CJ brings the pain in GTA San Andreas (Image via
CJ brings the pain in GTA San Andreas (Image via

There is a valuable glitch in GTA San Andreas that allows players to have unlimited minigun ammo.

Players already know the minigun is a powerful weapon. It will instantly kill enemies and blow up vehicles in less than a second, but due to its rapid-fire tendencies and limited ammo, only so much damage can be done. The good news is there is a glitch that brings it to the next level.

Late in the Las Venturas act, there is a great opportunity that awaits players. Right before the casino heist, there is one last prep mission (Up, Up, and Away!). If they play their cards right, GTA San Andreas players can enjoy unlimited ammo with their ultimate weapon.

Everything players need to know about the unlimited minigun glitch in GTA San Andreas

The minigun from GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)
The minigun from GTA San Andreas (Image via GTA Wiki)

Since the requirements to perform this glitch cannot happen until late in the game, players won't be able to use it right away. However, it's worth the wait. Unlimited minigun ammo still has its uses beyond story missions.

Despite the term "unlimited ammo," there are only 30,000 bullets. However, most GTA San Andreas players won't have to use that much. At the very least, the ammo never runs out when the game is completed 100%.

How, when, and where to perform the minigun glitch


The glitch must be done in the mission Up, Up, and Away! Players can access this mission anytime between 20:00 and 6:00 (using the in-game clock). Wu Zi Mu asks CJ to steal a military-grade helicopter from a fuel depot. Predictably, it's heavily guarded by armed soldiers.

It's highly advisable to use a jetpack; otherwise, the glitch cannot be done. GTA San Andreas players should complete The Black Project mission before they tackle this one. Once they have a jetpack, they can fly over to the fuel depot. A sniper rifle will help with this mission.

Using a jetpack will bypass waiting for the gate to open manually. Gamers should land on the second cooling tower they see. With the sniper rifle, they can eliminate the main guards surrounding the helicopter. Once they are taken care of, users should fly over to the red marker on the roof.


They can slightly hover above the red marker with the jetpack. Players should now try to unequip the jetpack. They might have to press the button multiple times before it works.

Gamers will now land on the marker and obtain a minigun with near-infinite ammo. They can test it out on the two Hunters trying to kill them.

Users can finish the mission however they want, but they must avoid getting busted, else they will lose the minigun.

They should consider dating Barbara in Bone County; she can prevent players from losing weapons when they are taken into custody.

Thankfully, the glitch isn't tricky to pull off. It takes a little practice, but it can be pulled off with a few attempts. Most players will do it on their first try. They just need to hover over the red marker carefully.

Warning — the weapon can be misplaced


If players do the Air Raid mission for Zero, they will lose the minigun with unlimited ammo. This is due to the fact CJ has to use another minigun with infinite ammo.

He is scripted to lose it once the mission is complete. Suffice to say, GTA San Andreas players already have enough reason to despise Zero.

Miniguns and how they work in GTA San Andreas


Miniguns are one of the best weapons in the entire game, if not the best. Although gamers cannot move around much, they will shred through everything like thin paper. Not a single enemy will survive a few minigun rounds.

With that being said, users should try to conserve how much ammo they are using, even with the unlimited glitch. Thankfully, the precise accuracy of the free-aim mode makes it easier to target potential enemies. It's helpful for just about any mission.

GTA San Andreas players are nearly unstoppable with this weapon


Although gamers will get this glitch late in the game, it's still highly dangerous. Once they return to Los Santos in the final act, they can unlock gang warfare.

A minigun with unlimited ammo will blast away enemy waves with ease. It's greatly appreciated since it takes a while to take over the entire city.

Beyond the remaining story missions, users can also go on rampages, as the minigun is a devastating force of destruction. Whether it's the Ballas gang or Big Smoke, they will not survive, making it arguably one of the most useful weapon glitches in the GTA series.

It's a testament to the GTA community when they keep discovering these hidden secrets.

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