How to earn triple rewards by playing Lamar Contact Missions in GTA Online (December 1-7)

A brief guide to start Lamar Contact Missions in GTA Online for triple rewards this week, December 1 - December 7 (Image via Rockstar Games)
A brief guide to Lamar Contact Missions in GTA Online for triple rewards this week (Image via Rockstar Games)

A new GTA Online weekly update has been released and will allow players to earn triple rewards by helping Lamar until the next iteration rolls around on December 7.

Lamar Davis is one of the main characters featured in the game who gives different tasks to players. He is funny as well as serious when it comes to business. This week, players can earn 3X cash and RP by playing Lamar Contact Missions all week long. However, one might wonder how to start them in an online lobby.

With that being said, let’s learn everything about Lamar Contact Missions that players need to know.

A guide on how to start Lamar Contact Missions in GTA Online


GTA Online allows players to contact various characters in the open world of Los Santos, and Lamar is one of them. Over the years, the game has added a lot of different missions that NPCs can assign to gamers. Here’s how they can start helping Lamar and earn triple bonuses this week:

  1. Go to the Options menu
  2. Select the Online tab
  3. Choose Jobs
  4. Click on Play Job
  5. Go to Rockstar Created
  6. Choose Missions
  7. Select any Lamar mission from the list

However, it can be a little confusing without not knowing which tasks will be given. To help players with that, here’s a complete list of available Lamar Contact Missions to play for extra bonuses this week:

  • Mall Or Nothing
  • Hold Up
  • Ballas to the Wall
  • Community Outreach
  • Slow and Low
  • It's a G Thing
  • Funeral Party
  • Lowrider Envy
  • Point and Shoot
  • Desperate Times Call For...
  • Peace Offerings
  • San Andreas Seoul
  • Ticket to Elysium
  • Going Down the GOH
  • Caught Napping
  • Lost MC RIP
  • No Smoking

All of these missions will reward players with three times the normal amount of cash and RP until December 7, 2022. However, that’s not the only way to help Lamar this week.

GTA Online players can earn double rewards by playing Short Trips


Short Trips is one of a series of three new Lamar challenges that were added to GTA Online since the release of The Contract update. They are a bit different from the rest of the Contact Missions and require a minimum of two players to start them.

In Short Trips, there are a total of three runs that players have to make in three different missions, and they don’t have access to their weapons or armor from the Weapon Wheel. They start with a pre-defined gun and a few ammo load-outs. However, they can use the snacks from the Interaction Menu without an issue.

Here is a list of all the available three Short Trip missions that players can play for 2X rewards in the game:

  • Short Trip - Seed Capital
  • Short Trip - Fire It Up
  • Short Trip - OG Kush

All three are accessible in the same way as described above for Lamar Contact Missions. Rockstar Games described these specific missions as:

“Visit the Smoking Room in the back of Record A Studios and hit some of Lamar’s strongest proprietary products for an out-of-body experience like no other: swap lives with Franklin and Lamar for a bit and help LD Organics find its foothold in the Los Santos legal cannabis market in Short Trips…”

Players can also earn a Black LD Organics Tee by completing all three Short Trips by December 16, 2022. They should help Lamar in GTA Online and hustle faster for the extra bonuses.

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