GTA Online Winter DLC reportedly leaked, fans go crazy following speculation

New details about the upcoming GTA Online Winter DLC have been leaked and fans cannot keep calm (Image via Rockstar Games)
New details about the upcoming GTA Online Winter DLC has leaked and fans cannot keep calm (Image via Rockstar Games)

In an interesting development, a major update in the form of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online Winter DLC is expected to be released soon, although a few of its features have been shared online. According to a recent tweet by famous insider Gaming Detective, the DLC will introduce several features to the game, along with a new character.

The Winter DLC 2022 is expected to be released sometime in December 2022, much to the anticipation of the community.

GTA Online Winter DLC is reportedly introducing a new fast travel feature, & much more

As seen in the Twitter post, Gaming Detective has revealed upcoming content and features of GTA Online as part of the Winter DLC 2022. The source mentions the possible arrival of a brand new fast travel feature, along with a new property that will introduce a never-seen-before character named Dax.

Mentioned below is a complete list of leaked information on the upcoming elements of the game:

  • ACID

Gaming Detective also mentions the possible GTA Online debut of Wade, a character in the GTA 5 story mode and a friend of Trevor Philips.

The leaked DLC information has excited fans, with many taking to Twitter to express their thoughts. Here are some of the best fan reactions to the news:

This comes as positive news for fans who have been awaiting new in-game content following the latest Criminal Enterprises update. Due to his role in the story mode, Wade's possible introduction to the online mode has also hyped the community.

What kind of role does Wade play in GTA 5? – Background, personality, and more


Wade Hebert is a tritagonist in GTA 5 and a loyal friend of Trevor Philips, one of the main protagonists. He is also the cousin of Floyd Hebert, a supporting character in the game.

Wade is a big fan of “horrorcore” music and appears as a parody of a stereotypical juggalo. At times, it appears as though he is mentally challenged due to his dialog and speech, but he's also described as an “intellectual” due to his artwork.

As for his relationship with Trevor, in 2012, Wade was on his way to "the gathering" with his friends before they stopped at Sandy Shores to purchase drugs. Wade saw his friends drive off to a quarry with Trevor and thought they had abandoned him. Later, Trevor, noticing his inherent innocence, decided to take care of him. Despite his childish behavior, he doesn’t refrain from living the life of an outlaw while following Trevor's every command.

Wade's role in the story was crucial as it was he who tracked Michael De Santa's whereabouts.

Although Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed Wade's inclusion in the upcoming Winter 2022 update, fans can expect the video game publisher to make an official announcement sometime soon.

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