How to find treasure chests and hidden caches in GTA Online

Follow these steps to easily find the treasure chests and hidden caches in GTA Online (Images via GTA Fandom)
Follow these steps to easily find the treasure chests and hidden caches in GTA Online (Images via GTA Fandom)

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online Cayo Perico Heist update adds two new treasure hunt missions that have several packages concealed throughout the map to make the player's overall experience all the more entertaining. However, most players struggle to find all of the collectible items and often rely on external sources for help.

The treasure chests can be found in Cayo Perico, and hidden caches are available on the main map in GTA Online. Rockstar Games has hidden them so well that many players are unaware of their existence and continue playing without reaping the benefits.

To make it easier for gamers, this article lists every location of hidden caches and treasure chests in GTA Online, along with instructions on how to find them.

How to locate the Treasure Chests in GTA Online


GTA Online players can look for Treasure Chests while scoping out Cayo Perico island for the heist. There are 19 places in the island where chests can be found, but only two of them appear randomly once every 24 hours. Once those chests have been collected, players will have to wait until the following day to find a new pair.


One of the two spawned chests will always be on land, while the other remains underwater. They also create a sound when nearby, making it easier for players to find them. The treasure chests can be found in the following locations:

  1. Near water containers on the southwest of the runway
  2. Beach to the north of the airstrip
  3. Near two rowing boats south of the runway
  4. Near the shed on North Drop Zone
  5. East side of the North Dock
  6. Beach to the north of West Beach
  7. Near one of the anti-air missile systems
  8. Near dirt cul-de-sac
  9. Red crane at the Main Dock
  10. Underwater northwest of the runway
  11. South of the airstrip
  12. Between the largest and a smaller island
  13. North of the airstrip
  14. Northeast to the North Drop Zone
  15. Near the heavily guarded checkpoint
  16. Small bay north of the lighthouse
  17. West to a dirt roundabout
  18. Underwater under the jetty

GTA Online players will receive $15,000 and 1000 RP for each chest they open.

How to find Hidden Caches in GTA Online

Unlike treasure chests, Hidden Caches will only appear underwater. To find them, players must have a deep-water vehicle equipped with sonar. Although there are 100 possible locations for the caches, each day only 10 spawn randomly around the map. These caches can be found using Kosatka, Avisa, and Toreador if they have a sonar upgrade.


The following methods can be used to locate caches using sonar:

  • Head to the control desk of the vehicle, e.g., Kosatka.
  • Enter the drive mode
  • Toggle on sonar in drive mode

Once the sonar is activated, all available cache locations will be highlighted on the map. Players can go to these locations with their water vehicles and dive underwater to collect them. To save time, players can mark all of the locations on the map beforehand, equip scuba gear, and fly an aquatic plane or an amphibious vehicle to the specific locations to extract the hidden caches.


Each cache will award $7,500 and 500 RP to GTA Online players. Once all of the caches for the day have been collected, players must wait until the next day to find another set.

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