How good is the Benefactor SM722 in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises?

Rockstar really loves referencing Stirling Moss in some capacity (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rockstar really loves referencing Stirling Moss in some capacity (Image via Rockstar Games)

There is a reason why the SM722 was the first drip-fed car in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update.

Rockstar wanted to make a fantastic impression with their upcoming vehicle lineup. GTA Online Criminal Enterprises is set to release brand new cars every week for the foreseeable future. It all started with the Benefactor SM722, a grand tourer with a very classy design.

There are several vehicles to choose from in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update. Of course, if the player is swimming in cash right now, they just might appreciate what the SM722 has to offer. Sometimes there is no better feeling than catching everybody's attention with a sports car.

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Reviewing the Benefactor SM722 from GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

Price and performance


The SM722 is worth $2,115,000 in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update. Any further upgrades will also jack up the price tag, such as the following items:

  • Armor Upgrade 100% - $50,000
  • Race Brakes - $35,000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 4 - $33,500
  • Race Transmission - $40,000

According to research from car expert Broughy1322, drivers will eventually reach top speeds of 123.75 miles per hour. Though it does not have strong acceleration like the Pegassi Torero XO, it will pick up speed in a matter of moments.

Unfortunately, the handling is rather lacking, so players will have trouble making sharp turns at high speeds. The back end will kick out frequently. At the very least, drivers can perform handbrake boosts with this vehicle. Experienced drivers can also make some use of it.

The smooth design really stands out


Rockstar definitely put a ton of effort into this sporty vehicle, and it shows. The SM722 is clearly based off the Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss. The "SM" stands for Stirling Moss, a famous British racecar driver. The "722" was his racing number back in the 1950s.

There is so much attention to detail with this vehicle. Everything from the engine model to the trimmed interior looks different from the game's outings. Even the front and back hoods have stylized indents from the inside. "Exclusivity" is a great way to describe the SM722 and its unique features.

If players have enough money in their pockets, they will have a great time in their local auto shop. GTA Online Criminal Enterprises made sure that players would notice this sports car right away.

Final verdict

Sports car enthusiasts will have a field day with the Benefactor SM722 from GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. It offers exclusive customizations and a smooth racecar design. With the right paint jobs and custom auto parts, drivers will have a blast taking it out for a ride.

The only downside is the expensive price tag and relatively poor handling. If players are willing to overlook these flaws, they can own one of the fanciest cars in the entire game. Needless to say, the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update has such a great selection of vehicles.

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