How much has summit1g earned from Twitch since 2019? Alleged leak reveals GTA 5 streamer's earnings

GTA 5 Streamer summit1g's Twitch payout revealed (Source: Sportskeeda)
GTA 5 Streamer summit1g's Twitch payout revealed (Source: Sportskeeda)

GTA 5 streamer summit1g was a part of the mass Twitch data leak that took place on October 6, 2021. The data leak occurred when a hacker leaked the source code of and posted the payouts of many Twitch streamers online.

Jaryd Russell Lazar, better known by his alias "summit1g", is one of the most popular Twitch streamers with 6 million subscribers on the platform. The 34-year-old streamer is from Colorado, U.S., and has been streaming on Twitch since 2012.

GTA 5 streamer summit1g's total earnings since August 2019: Twitch leak reveals streamers' revenue data

A massive data leak from Twitch occurred on October 6, disclosing the payout for many streamers using the platform. One of the most popular streamers on the website, summit1g, also had his information leaked. He has garnered 445 million views on Twitch since he started streaming.

Having a strong fanbase has led him to make quite a fortune on the streaming website. Attached below is a leaked list of a few streamers and their payouts for the month of September 2021. The list discloses how much money summit1g made in September 2021. According to the leak, summit1g made $362,987 in one month which makes him the third-highest-paid GTA 5 streamer on twitch.

According to the chart that was leaked, viewers can see how much streamers made between August 2019 to October 2021 from Twitch. summit1g is the third highest paid streamer on the platform. When it comes to GTA 5 streamers, he ranks second with an estimated pay out of $5,847,541.17. summit1g is second when it comes to GTA 5 streamers, following xQc with a considerable difference of 2.6 million dollars.

There isn't much that's been revealed about the leak, and there has been no news so far if the Amazon-owned network has caught the culprit. Investigations are on to figure out who is responsible for the leak as a lot of personal information, besides the payouts, have been published online.

The anonymous hacker claimed that the leak was meant to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space” because Twitch “is a disgusting toxic cesspool."

Many questions are being raised about Twitch's security protocols and how will the network try to implement better protection for its streamers and viewers.

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