How to rob an Ammu-Nation in GTA Online: A step-by-step guide

Just browsing the Ammu-Nation catalog at GTA Online - Image via
Just browsing the Ammu-Nation catalog at GTA Online - Image via

GTA Online players will not be surprised to learn now that they can rob certain stores around the map in GTA 5 and GTA Online. However, many still don't think about trying to rob the Ammu-Nation stores.

GTA Online players know it is ill-advised to try and kill the clerks at Ammu-Nation, mostly because it shuts down the store for a few hours, not to mention that the clerks will return fire. And even when a GTA Online player does cross that line on occasion, they often forget to rob the place. Not of its guns but the cash in the tills, like you might at a garage.

This article will help guide players through the mission of successfully robbing an Ammu-Nation store in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Pull off the Ammu-Nation robbery in seconds


GTA Online players know they cannot equip their weapons inside an Ammu-Nation store for obvious security reasons. But by simply taking a few steps outside of the storefront, the player can select their preferred weapon of execution, open the doors with a couple of bullets, and take out the store clerk from the store's doorway.

Many choose a strong shotgun or high-velocity machingun like the Carbine Rifle for their robberies, for these weapons scream intimidation.

GTA Online: The final robbery rundown

GTA Online plyer on the rob - Image via
GTA Online plyer on the rob - Image via

After GTA Online players dispatch the Ammu-Nation clerk in GTA 5 and GTA Online, they then only have to walk behind the till counter and open the till to claim their prize.

With the player obviously lacking the dexterity to hit the right buttons on the till to open the drawer like a normal person would, GTA Online players only need to shoot the till. The till will pop open after the first shots are fired, while spitting sparks and emitting an electrical noise.

Get that money - Image via
Get that money - Image via

Walk over and grab the sack of money which will be glowing on the floor next to the clerk. Now before the GTA Online player leaves the store there is only one more thing to remember. There is a second till in front of the armored vests. Players can employ the same method to rob it and double up on their takings. Mission complete.

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