How to sell drugs in GTA Online to Street Dealers

Official poster of "Street Dealers" (Image via Rockstar Games)
Official poster of Street Dealers (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's latest DLC update has brought players an easy and awesome way to earn good money. Street Dealers random event lets them sell drugs on the streets instead of doing drug delivery missions, which are time-consuming and risky.

As part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update, MC business owners will be able to get a headstart on selling products directly on the streets.

This how-to guide includes the following content:

  • About the Street Dealers random event
  • Requirements to sell drugs
  • Details about assorted products

Street Dealers drug sales in GTA Online

About the Street Dealers random event


The Street Dealers random event was recently added to the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Players can sell drugs directly to three dealers, who randomly spawn in three different locations throughout the map every 24 hours.

These dealers belong to gangs and families in GTA Online, like Vagos, Rednecks, Hippies, Ballas, Armenian Mob, The Lost MC, and The Families.

Each dealer is willing to buy four types of products from players at certain maximum quantities and prices:

  • 10 units of Weed
  • 2 units of Meth
  • 1 unit of Cocaine
  • 10 units of Acid

This random event will be triggered for any GTA Online player but is only playable to those who own any MC businesses, Nightclub techs, or Acid Lab.

Among the four products, only one Premium product can be sold for double its originally offered price. It will be identified by a golden star before the name of the product.

Requirements to sell drugs


To sell drugs to Street Dealers, GTA Online players must have the following properties owned, set up, and running:

  • Motorcycle Club (MC) business
  • Nightclub tech
  • Acid Lab

The Acid Lab can be upgraded with an Equipment Upgrade for $250,000 to boost Acid production. Once this is done, the Equipment can be accessed in the rear of the Acid Lab, behind the Manufacturing Table.

Details about the assorted products


As mentioned above in the article, four products can be sold to Street Dealers. Players can sell no more than the maximum quantities demanded by the dealers in situations where they have more Drugs in stock.

Every product has a minimum and maximum price. They are as follows:

  • Weed - $1,400 to $1,600
  • Meth - $8,250 to $9,250
  • Acid - $1,385 to $1,585
  • Cocaine - $19,000 to $21,000

They also have a specific probability of being enlisted as a Premium product:

  • 30% for Weed
  • 20% for Meth
  • 35% for Acid
  • 15% for Cocaine

In an ideal session, players who are able to sell all products at maximum quantities and trade Acid or Cocaine at premium rates will be able to theoretically generate revenue in the range of $87,200 to $92,350 per dealer.

The Street Dealers update is an easy way in, easy way out random event in GTA Online. It takes no more than five minutes to exchange drugs for money.

Since these drug dealers are randomly spawned throughout the map every 24 hours, their locations change every day. Players can easily track the locations of these random events by keeping an eye on the purple chat bubble icon on the minimap.

Given all of this, Rockstar Games might just have saved the MC business and created an entirely new industry for players to tap into.

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