How to spawn a Helicopter as a CEO in GTA Online

Image via TheMissingSock (YouTube)
Image via TheMissingSock (YouTube)
Alan Sahbegovic

Spawning a helicopter is one of the most useful abilities a CEO has in GTA Online.

Naturally, players would like to know how to use this amazing ability, considering it can be used practically anywhere. Once a person becomes a CEO, they can get a free ride anywhere in GTA Online. Sometimes the helicopter spawn might be a bit iffy, if the player is standing somewhere funky, but it's reliable transport most of the time.

Of course, spawning helicopters isn't the only thing a player can do as a CEO in GTA Online. CEOs have a multitude of useful abilities at their disposal, including the ability to spawn other vehicles. However, spawning a helicopter for a low fee (or free depending on if the player owns the helicopter or not) is outstanding and highly useful in all parts of GTA Online.

How to spawn a Helicopter as a CEO in GTA Online

Image via Legendarygamingnz (YouTube)
Image via Legendarygamingnz (YouTube)

First, a player has to open up the Interaction Menu. Then, they have to select "SecuroServ CEO" (which should be the first option if they are a CEO). Afterwards, they should select "CEO Vehicles" and then "Buzzard." It's technically a Buzzard Attack Chopper, which makes it somewhat capable of defending the CEO if the player needs a weaponized vehicle.

The Buzzard Attack Chopper usually costs $25,000 per rental, but wiser players would consider buying the Buzzard Attack Chopper outright if they expect to eventually rent it more than 70 times. 70 rentals are the equivalent of purchasing the Buzzard Attack Chopper at full price, and that's not including potential discounts.

If the player owns the Buzzard Attack Chopper, all future rentals will be free. It'll be $0 permanently, making it a necessity if a player travels around the GTA Online map frequently. It's a highly useful ability, and it's one of the many advantages a CEO has over non-CEO players in GTA Online.

Where the helicopter spawns


Spawn locations aren't guaranteed, as there has to be enough space for the helicopter to spawn. However, it'll usually spawn within a few seconds at worst, and it should spawn in a location where there is no building or vehicle to obstruct it. The helicopter will be black (like other CEO vehicles), so it should be easy to spot for most GTA Online players.


Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

If players need a quick summary of how to spawn a helicopter as a CEO in GTA Online, then they only have to look at the quick list below:

  1. Open up the Interaction Menu.
  2. Select "SecuroServ."
  3. Select "CEO Vehicles."
  4. Select "Buzzard."

And that's it. Spawning a CEO helicopter is as simple as that in GTA Online.

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