How to start Clubhouse Contracts in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update

Everything to know about the new triple rewards from Clubhouse Contracts in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
Everything to know about the new triple rewards from Clubhouse Contracts in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has just received a new weekly update which allows players to earn triple the usual rewards by playing Clubhouse Contracts.

Clubhouse Contracts are a type of mission in the game that players can start by being the President of a Motorcycle Club. It’s fun, entertaining, and quite a treat for Clubhouse owners. Throughout this week, players can earn 3X GTA$ and RP by completing these missions. This article will share everything that players need to know about Clubhouse Contracts in GTA Online.

A brief guide to getting started with Clubhouse Contracts in GTA Online


Clubhouse Contracts were added to GTA Online as part of the Bikers update in 2016. To unlock these missions, players will need to purchase a Clubhouse first from the Maze Bank Foreclosures. Here’s a list of all the available Clubhouses in the game along with their prices:

  • Del Perro Beach Clubhouse (Layout 1) - $365,000
  • Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse (Layout 2) - $472,000
  • Grapeseed Clubhouse (Layout 2) - $225,000
  • Great Chaparral Clubhouse (Layout 1) - $200,000
  • Hawick Clubhouse (Layout 2) - $495,000
  • La Mesa Clubhouse (Layout 2) - $449,000
  • Paleto Bay Clubhouse (Layout 1) - $242,000
  • Paleto Bay Clubhouse (Layout 2) - $250,000
  • Pillbox Hill Clubhouse (Layout 1) - $455,000
  • Rancho Clubhouse (Layout 1) - $420,000
  • Sandy Shores Clubhouse (Layout 1) - $210,000
  • Vespucci Beach Clubhouse (Layout 2) - $395,000

After purchasing the Clubhouse, Malc (Malcolm) will introduce players to the Motorcycle Club and its various features. He offers different jobs to players and guides them on how to earn profit from the business. Once inside the Clubhouse, players need to go to the noticeboard to find random groups of Clubhouse Contracts, posted at 3:00 am (in-game time) every day. Interested players can start these missions there.


Here's an updated list of the Clubhouse Contract missions, along with their rewards, available in the game after The Criminal Enterprises update:

  • By the Pound - $25,500 (If two bags are delivered)
  • Cracked - Cash and RP
  • Fragile Goods - $12,500 to $34,000
  • Guns for Hire - Cash and RP
  • Gunrunning - Cash and RP
  • Jailbreak - $22,500
  • Nine Tenths of the Law - Cash and RP
  • Outrider - Cash and RP
  • P.O.W. - $23,000
  • Torched - Cash and RP
  • Weapon of Choice - $18,000 to $21,000
  • Hit the Roof - Cash and RP
  • Life and Deathbikes - Cash and RP

Cash and RP rewards vary mission-to-mission, with each one of them offering triple the normal amount for this week. Obviously, this is the best time for Clubhouse owners to hustle in the game.

What else has been added to GTA Online with this week’s update?

According to Tez2, a highly anticipated vehicle, the Ruiner ZZ-8, has been added to the game with the latest update. Players can now purchase it for $1,320,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

The game also received two new freemode events available today:

  • Smuggler Trial (20 minutes cooldown)
  • Smuggler Plane (35 minutes cooldown)

Players can also continue to earn double the rewards by competing in the new Cayo Perico Series as well as all the Land/Air races available in the game. Additionally, the Rapid GT Classic is the new Podium Vehicle of the week and players can get a Retinue as the Prize Ride.

Two new vehicles have been added to the Luxury Showcase, the Pariah and the Ruiner ZZ-8. Five new vehicles have been added to Simeon's Showroom where players can get to test drive them:

  • Speedo
  • Dynasty
  • Fagaloa
  • Sultan Classic
  • Impaler

It clearly looks like Rockstar is staying true to its promise of providing dedicated support for the game. With no Grand Theft Auto 6 on the horizon, players can continue to expect big things from GTA Online in the near future.

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