How to start Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

Not to worry, Agent ULP is on the case (Image via Rockstar Games)
Not to worry, Agent ULP is on the case (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises is finally out, which means Operation Paper Trail is good to go.

For the first time in the series, players can be sworn in as official IAA agents. Agent ULP is currently investigating the mysterious rise in grace prices. He believes the Duggan criminal family is behind it, so he needs agents to go undercover and confirm his suspicions.

Operation Paper Trail is the main story objective of GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. One to four players can take part in this series of missions. They just need to be pointed in the right direction on where to go. Here's what they need to know before diving in.

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GTA Online Criminal Enterprises has a conspiracy and players can uncover it with Operation Paper Trail

How to get started


GTA Online Criminal Enterprises brought some major changes in the game. For starters, Agent ULP will contact the player as soon as they login into the session. He will give them a few details on what to expect with Operation Paper Trail.

Players will have to visit the IAA Headquarters, which is located in Downtown Los Santos. Agent ULP will mark the location on the map. Players simply need to look for the letter "U." They can always use the purple GPS route to get their faster.

When they arrive in front of the building, they need to step into the yellow corona. Now they can get started with Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. Remember, every time players want to access a new mission, they will have to revisit the IAA Headquarters.

There are six missions in total


Operation Paper Trail offers six federally classified missions in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises. They offer really good cash rewards, especially for GTA+ members. With that said, Operation Paper Trail missions need to be completed in the following order:

  • ULP - Intelligence
  • ULP - Counterintelligence
  • ULP - Extraction
  • ULP - Asset Seizure
  • ULP - Operation Paper Trail
  • ULP - Cleanup

Players will be sworn into the agency right before their very first assignment. Anybody who has played GTA 4 will also recognize this familiar mission structure. Agent ULP will task players with top secret assignments, most of which involve stealth and shooting.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises does offer convenient features that will make these missions easier. For instance, players can navigate the Weapon Wheel to buy snacks and armor. They can also max out their ammo through the Interaction Menu. It only takes a few button presses now.

Players don't need to own a property to get started


Anybody can take part in Operation Paper Trail. Players don't have to buy a property like they did in previous DLC updates. Now they can save up for brand new vehicles and weapons. On a related note, GTA Online Criminal Enterprises did increase the maximum property count to 10.

Operation Paper Trail already provides a steady source of income. GTA+ members can even earn a 50% bonus for completing these missions. There are plenty of ways to make a lot of money in this summer update.

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