How to unlock the secret drunk casino missions in GTA Online

The secret drunk casino missions in GTA Online are very luck-based to unlock (Image via Rockstar Games)
The secret drunk casino missions in GTA Online are very luck-based to unlock (Image via Rockstar Games)

Some notoriously secretive drunk casino missions often puzzle GTA Online players in how to unlock it. It's easier than one might think.

GTA Online's The Diamond Casino & Resort update introduced a myriad of new content for players to enjoy, and although it is a few years old now, there are still some players who don't know about the secret drunk casino missions. As the name would imply, these missions are hard to unlock and involve alcohol.

There is also another secret mission players can do if they've done every other casino mission and haven't rejected work from Agatha Baker. Given that these are all secret missions, they are not essential to complete and simply offer something different for the player to do in GTA Online.

How to unlock GTA Online's secret drunk casino missions

There are two secret drunk casino missions, with another secretive mission being unlocked afterward if other criteria are met. It's important to note that players cannot guarantee the ability to access these secret missions, as the requirements simply allow them the chance to unlock them.

Under the Influence

Under the Influence (Image via GTA Wiki)
Under the Influence (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online players can only obtain this secret casino mission if the player drinks enough alcohol (but doesn't pass out) and then calls Agatha Baker outside the casino. If they're lucky, she will give them the mission, Under the Influence. If not, she will give them another mission, which the player should do for the sake of the final secret mission.

Under the Influence will have the player go to one of three random locations (Ace Jones Drive, New Empire Way, or Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club) to pick up a random vehicle (Vagner, Tempesta, or Autrach for the respective locations above).

Players just need to avoid the cops once they collect the vehicle and deliver it to the casino to complete the mission in GTA Online.

Damage Control

Damage Control (Image via GTA Wiki)
Damage Control (Image via GTA Wiki)

Like with the previous secret casino mission, players unlock this one whilst being drunk. Except for this time, players don't call Agatha or just get drunk, they need to pass out in either the Casino bar or in the Penthouse. The Macbeth will instantly blackout the player in GTA Online, so it's useful here.

Of course, players will only get the mission randomly like in the previous mission. If the player passes out and gets a call from Agatha Baker with "Casino Work Damage Control" showing up on the screen, then are were fortunate enough to get it.

Here, players just need to take a Mule back to the casino to complete it. It's an easy GTA Online mission.

Tour de Force

Tour de Force (Image via GTA Wiki)
Tour de Force (Image via GTA Wiki)

The final secret mission doesn't have anything to do with alcohol directly, but it does require all casino story missions to be complete. Technically, all casino story missions must be done, the player must be a CEO/VIP/MC President and ten real-life hours must have passed since the last Casino Work mission.

Not only that, but GTA Online players must be in the casino, Master Penthouse or Penthouse Garage. However, the most brutal requirement is that the player must have never refused a Casino Work mission up to this point. The last one is a crucial requirement as most GTA Online players may have rejected at least one mission in the past.

Assuming players have all of those requirements, they just have to give a client a tour whilst operating a Swift Deluxe. They'll go through five different places on the tour. Although the mission is hard to unlock, its rewards aren't much different than the standard casino work rewards.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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