How to win the Podium car every time in GTA Online after Last Dose update

Trick to win the Podium car every time in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
A reliable trick to win the Podium Vehicle every time in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)

Podium cars are one of the most popular rewards in GTA Online, providing players with a free vehicle every week. Rockstar Games included this reward alongside the Lucky Wheel in The Diamond Casino & Resort update back in July 2019.

Although this vehicle is technically free, players must first win it in the Lucky Draw competition. As the Lucky Wheel has a total of 20 rewards, there's only a 5% chance of winning the Podium Vehicle. Players should note that it's an AI-driven randomized process that cannot be predicted using any kind of calculations.

Fortunately, the GTA Online community has tried and tested several methods, finally finding a trick to obtain the podium vehicle every single time. This article explains how to always win the Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle in GTA Online.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. The guide is based on a YouTube video by BullSheepParty.

Easy trick to win GTA Online's Podium Vehicle every time


The Podium Vehicle is arguably one of the best deals in the game, with almost every GTA Online player eager to get their hands on that week's car before it expires. Every week, Rockstar Games adds a new vehicle to the Podium for players to try and win before the next weekly update.

To obtain the vehicle reward every time, the community has devised a method known as the nine-to-six method. This method can be combined with the two-second timing method used by PC players to ensure a successful draw. Given below are the steps for executing the nine-to-six method to win the Podium car in GTA Online:

  1. Before engaging in the spin, ensure that the Lucky Wheel is in a fresh state. While there is no official definition of a Fresh Lucky Wheel, the community considers it to be the one when the clothing award is on top under the pointer and the vehicle reward is two blocks to the left.
  2. If you don’t find a fresh wheel in your current session, try switching sessions or joining an Invite Only lobby.
  3. Obtain a real-life stopwatch or open it on your smartphone.
  4. Press the required button to participate in the Lucky Draw.
  5. You must then press the required button to confirm your participation.
  6. When the animation stops and the game prompts you to spin the wheel, start the stopwatch and wait for it to reach 2.2 seconds.
  7. Before it reaches the mark, move the left joystick to the nine o'clock position, slowly rotate the stick 90 degrees anticlockwise to the six o'clock position, and then release it.

The Lucky Wheel should rotate slowly and come to a halt in the Podium Vehicle option. You must immediately choose one of your garages to store the vehicle. If you delay this process, you may lose your reward.

If you suspect that the wheel won't stop in the Podium Vehicle slot, immediately disconnect your internet connection. This should force GTA Online to suspend all activities and prevent any progress from being recorded.

After waiting for some time, repeat these steps to win the Podium Vehicle. Interested readers can refer to this article for a better understanding of this trick.

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