How to win the Podium car every week in GTA Online after Los Santos Drug Wars update?

Easy tricks to win the Podium Vehicle every time in GTA Online (Image via YouTube/ Borsa GTA)
Easy tricks to win the Podium Vehicle every time in GTA Online (Image via YouTube/ Borsa GTA)

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has made numerous changes to GTA Online, including the addition of a new set of vehicles via the Podium in The Diamond Casino & Resort. Rockstar Games is known for providing up-to-date deals, offers, and bonuses in the game, and the Podium award reflects the same.

However, the Grand Theft Auto Online community has successfully identified some harmless tips and tricks that can help you win every time. This article explains how to win the Podium vehicle every time in GTA Online.

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How to win the GTA Online Podium vehicle every time on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC


The Podium vehicle in GTA Online is one of the best deals in the game. Rockstar Games gives away a free vehicle via the Lucky Wheel every week; however, players must win it by participating in the lucky draw contest.

The gaming community has tested two methods that always result in the vehicle award. They are the nine-to-six method and the two-second timing method.

The nine-to-six method is primarily for console players, as controllers are the standard form of input devices there. PC players who use a controller can also benefit from this method. Both tricks can be used on both platforms if they have the necessary equipment.

Steps to win the GTA Online Podium Vehicle by using the 9 to 6 method (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S. Xbox One, PC)

  1. The first and most important thing is to have a fresh Lucky Wheel. According to the GTA Online Community, the Lucky Wheel with the clothing award on top and the vehicle award two blocks to its left is considered a fresh wheel.
  2. If you don’t find the fresh wheel in your current session, try joining an Invite Only Session.
  3. Open the stopwatch application on your real-life smartphone.
  4. Press the required button to participate in the lucky draw.
  5. Press the required button to confirm participation.
  6. Immediately after that, start the stopwatch and pull and hold your left thumb stick to the straight left (nine o’clock position).
  7. Slowly rotate the stick 90 degrees anticlockwise (six o'clock position). While doing so, keep an eye on the timer, as it should not exceed two seconds.
  8. Once the timer gets two or 2.2 seconds, release the stick.

The wheel should rotate slowly and stop at the Podium vehicle reward.

How to win the GTA Online Podium Vehicle by using the 2 seconds method (PC)


GTA Online PC players, especially keyboard users, do not have the option to control the spinning velocity of the Lucky Wheel. Simply pressing the S button causes it to spin at full speed.

However, once you've confirmed your participation, start the timer and wait until it reaches the two-second mark. Then, press the S button to spin the wheel. It should stop at the Podium vehicle award.

Once you've won it, choose a garage to deliver the vehicle right away. The game will glitch if it takes too long, and you'll lose the reward. If you make any mistakes, disconnect the internet or exit the game before the wheel stops spinning. The game will not register the progress, and you can try again.

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