How to work with Dr. Dre in GTA Online The Contract DLC

Time to tee off with Dr. Dre (Image via Sportskeeda)
Time to tee off with Dr. Dre (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Now that The Contract DLC is available to all GTA Online fans, some players are simply playing through it as much as they can to see everything it has on offer.

One of the biggest curiosities of fans has been how exactly the players will interact with Franklin and Dr. Dre. It's clear that GTA Online players can partner with Franklin to try and get Dr. Dre as a client.

This article will discuss how GTA Online fans can now work with Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre needs someone he can trust to help him out in GTA Online


The first mission of The Contract DLC where players meet Dr. Dre is called "On Course." This mission is activated in the early stages after players buy an agency. Once GTA Online players have bought their agency building, they start to do business with Franklin. This is the beginning of how the players meet Dr. Dre in the game.

Once players complete a couple of small set-up missions, they receive a phone call from their new business partner telling them that he has arranged a meeting with the VIP client that he has been talking about. The players now need to head over to Los Santos Country Club to meet their potential new client.

DJ Pooh introduces players to Dr. Dre

When GTA Online fans arrive to meet Franklin at the country club, he leads them to the celebrity clients playing golf. DJ Pooh is Franklin's contact with the broader world of fame.

DJ Pooh has worked in the music industry for most of his life and has many influential music industry contacts. Through the famous DJ, they are introduced to Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre is found playing golf and joking around with his business partner and friend Jimmy Iovine. Pooh is introduced to the players by Franklin and they approach Dr. Dre to see if they could help him in some way as an agency.

The big players Jimmy, Dre and DJ Pooh (Image via Sportskeeda)
The big players Jimmy, Dre and DJ Pooh (Image via Sportskeeda)

DJ Pooh introduces the players to Dr. Dre as Franklin's associate. As Dre starts to ask players if they will help him find his stolen phone, the conversation is interrupted by two guys trying to bypass Dre and his gang on the golf course.

These two guys started to threaten Dr. Dre and his friends, leading him to give players their first job for him in GTA Online.

Dr. Dre tasks the players with an initial work

As a test to see if the players are ready to work for him, Dre tasks the GTA Online player with taking care of the two men from the golf course. The mission is on, and all the players need to do is chase down these two men in their golf carts, catch them and deliver a beating.

After catching the guys and teaching them a lesson using a gold club, Franklin calls Dr. Dre to let him know it is taken care of. The first piece of work for Dr. Dre is complete. Next, the players can go on to do much more important work with the heavyweight music mogul.

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