Is it worthwhile to have a Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online in 2022?

Reasons why GTA Online players should invest in the Counterfeit Cash Factory (Image via Sportskeeda)
Reasons why GTA Online players should invest in the Counterfeit Cash Factory (Image via Sportskeeda)

Counterfeit Cash Factories in GTA Online provide players with a steady source of income. Whether you are a new or returning player, the Motorcycle Club Businesses will always be a reliable source of passive income.

New players are frequently perplexed about whether or not to purchase the business. Player skepticism is understandable because the game has far more heists, businesses, and other special events to earn money.

This article dives into all aspects of a Counterfeit Cash Factory business and offers advice on whether to invest in one or not.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

The Counterfeit Cash Factory is a profitable venture


The Counterfeit Cash Factory is one of GTA Online's most profitable passive income businesses. It requires less effort and investment than other money-grinding methods and provides a high return on investment in the long run.

Newcomers to the game should prioritize purchasing a Counterfeit Cash Factory as soon as possible. Typically, beginners do not have many errands to run, and the high price of commodities and services in GTA Online will necessitate extensive grinding to obtain even the most basic items, such as weapons and vehicles.


This will provide them with a consistent source of income and allow them to generate additional capital when needed.

How to start a Counterfeit Cash Factory in GTA Online?

Players must first own a Motorcycle Club to start or purchase a Counterfeit Cash Factory. There are numerous MC Clubs scattered across the map in GTA Online. While it is entirely up to the players to choose which clubhouse to purchase, the Great Chaparral Clubhouse is arguably the cheapest yet most valuable.


After purchasing a clubhouse, players must register as an MC Club President from the interaction menu and access the laptop in their clubhouse. Once logged in, they can search for and purchase Counterfeit Cash Factories.

GTA Online has several Counterfeit Cash Factories in various locations with varying values. However, most players prefer the Grand Senora Desert cash factory because it is in the middle of the map, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and offers great overall value. It is available on The Open Road's website for $845,000.


These two properties are free to players who have purchased the Criminal Enterprises Starterpack version of GTA 5. Ergo, new players should always claim them because they provide the most value.

Which upgrades and supplies to buy?

After purchasing the Counterfeit Cash Factory, players must visit it and complete a setup mission before production can begin. To increase the product's value, it is advised to purchase some upgrades for the business. They are:

  • Equipment Upgrade - $440,000
  • Staff Upgrade - $136,500
  • Security Upgrade -$456,000

Although new players may not have the funds to purchase upgrades immediately, purchasing at least the equipment and staff upgrades should be prioritized to boost the production rate.


After purchasing the upgrades, players can now consider buying production supplies. Although supplies can be paid for right away, it is not recommended because it returns less value if the equipment and staff are not upgraded.

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