New GTA Online God Mode glitch found after the recent Taxi Work update

This is where the exploit happens
This is where the GTA Online exploit happens (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online has had many God Mode glitches throughout the years, so it should come as a surprise that the recent Taxi Work update introduced another one. Unfortunately for players who hate these types of exploits, the new bug is easy to replicate.

Thus, there is no shortage of people willing to abuse the new God Mode glitch to gain invincibility. Such an exploit can be fun to deal with NPCs as they can never eliminate the player, but it's a noticeably unfair advantage when used against other players.

There is a new God Mode glitch in GTA Online involving the Taxi Cab Co


The actual glitch happens around the 1:40 mark of the above video. Here is a simple explanation:

  1. Approach the Downtown Cab Co building's white mission marker.
  2. Accept the mission and hold down the exit vehicle button instantly.
  3. Your character will spawn under the map if the exploit is performed correctly.
  4. The God Mode Glitch will now be active.

The exploit can be triggered in under a minute if the player knows what to do. There aren't any noticeable requirements preventing players from accessing this exploit, either.

GTA Online players can access the Downtown Cab Co's white mission marker just by virtue of the Taxi Work update being live. It should only take a few minutes of practice to get the timing down to a tee for those who wish to utilize this bug in the game.

The usefulness of the God Mode glitch

An example of a player being unfazed by explosions (Image via Rockstar Games)
An example of a player being unfazed by explosions (Image via Rockstar Games)

New players may not be familiar with the concept of this exploit, but it allows the user to become invulnerable to any damage. They are immune to bullets, explosions, and any other form of attack, regardless of the quantity or scale.

There are some limited countermeasures that could be used to get a person out of this invincible state, but those are few and far between. Not to mention, astute players will avoid any tanks that approach them.

Abusing this bug is incredibly valuable for players who struggle with some Freemode missions.

Some players aren't happy about how common God Mode glitches are

There has to be some sort of inherent inner design flaw in GTA Online for there to be SO MANY easy god mode glitches. Taxi Jobs added one that literally takes seconds. Avoiding pubs even more now, thanks orb spam and god mode!

Some GTA Online players tend to avoid Public Sessions due to the prevalence of God Mode glitches. Even when one is patched out, another often pops up to replace it. The new method with the taxi company is just one of the hundreds of different examples that have existed in the game since its inception.

Rockstar Games will likely patch this particular glitch in a future update, but there's no question that players will discover another method to use. The taxi company method is extremely easy to use, so some players will be grateful if it gets fixed.

@_Jixaw GTA Online gets a lot of hate and a lot of it is justified, especially with the endless repetitive grinding and OP vehicles, god mode glitches, etcBut in an invite only session just having fun with mates it's still fun

It is worth mentioning that playing in an Invite Only Session removes the possibility of bumping into a random player abusing a God Mode glitch. Still, some GTA Online players may wish to take advantage of the exploit posted earlier in this article for one reason or another, making a Public Session more useful to them.

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