GTA 5 source code leaks online, giving Rockstar a huge blow on Christmas: Report

GTA 5 source code leaks online, giving Rockstar a huge blow on Christmas
A brief Report on GTA 5 source code getting leaked online on Christmas (Image via Rockstar Games)

After Insomniac Games’ recent leak, the GTA 5 developer Rockstar Games was targeted next by leakers. According to a report by popular YouTuber SKizzle on X on December 24, 2023, the entire source code of Grand Theft Auto 5 was leaked publicly. The leak also revealed data related to the unreleased Bully 2 and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, previously codenamed Project Americas.

GTA 5 source code leak potentially ruined Christmas for both fans and Rockstar Games

As can be seen in the aforementioned post, @SKizzleAXE even shared a screenshot of the leaked GTA 5 source code, confirming the legitimacy of the report. According to the details, Rockstar at one point was also supposedly working on a sequel to the highly acclaimed Bully video game.

Another report on X claims that the source code was leaked in a Discord server, the name of which had not been disclosed to avoid spreading the data further.

A fan who goes by the name "Agent" also shared their part of the GTA 5 source code leaks and some of the images of Rockstar Games’ RAGE engine on X. However, their post has since been taken down.

The source code of Grand Theft Auto 5 was supposedly leaked in 2022 alongside the GTA 6 footage; however, it was never made public until now. This was supposedly a huge data loss for the developer and could have implications for both future and current players of the series.

Popular online reporter Gaming Detective (@that1detectiv3) also emphasized how the leaked source code may even result in delays for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar Games.

The source code also revealed data related to another unreleased game, Midnight Club 5.

Another developer, Insomniac Games, recently faced a huge data leak that revealed a fully downloadable unreleased Wolverine video game, along with details about their upcoming titles.


With all the ongoing Florida Joker controversy and the Insomniac data breach, it seemed like the worst holiday season for developers as well as gamers around the globe.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is currently scheduled for 2025, and fans are expecting a trailer 2 as soon as May 2024.

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