GTA Online gives 3x rewards on Casino Story Missions, Casino Work

Abigail will give players the rundown (Image via Rockstar Games)
Abigail will give players the rundown (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online players running a casino have a golden opportunity on their hands, since their line of work offers triple rewards this week.

From now until February 16, players can earn more cash and reputation through Casino Story Missions and Casino Work. The former deals with the Duggan family trying to overtake the Diamond Casino and Resort. Meanwhile, the latter focuses on "maintenance of the house."

There is a lot of work to get done and a lot of money to be made. GTA Online players have until the rest of the week to cash in their chips. Whether it's Casino Story Missions or Casino Work, they can expect a good return on their investment. However, they also need to meet a few requirements.

GTA Online players can do Casino Story Missions and Casino Work for 3x rewards this week


Beyond the glitz and glamor is a criminal underworld, full of darkness and despair. Players will have to do everything it takes to get those triple rewards. Here's a brief look at what they need to do beforehand.

How to get started


GTA Online players must first register as a CEO, VIP, or MC President. They will also need to own a Master Penthouse. The good news is that players can get a 20% discount this week (including 30% for customizations).

Afterwards, they will be contacted by Agatha Baker, who explains the current situation with the casino. Players need to stop a hostile takeover from the Duggan family. Once these story missions are complete, players can finally take part in the casino heist. However, the triple rewards only apply to story missions.

Meanwhile, Casino Work can be done by speaking to Agatha over the phone. Players can select "Request Work" to get started, via the Interaction Menu.

Casino Story Missions


There are a total of six Casino Story Missions in GTA Online, which can be seen below:

  • Casino - Loose Cheng (Go to an abandoned warehouse, fight off the Lost MC, and return Tao Cheng to safety)
  • Casino - House Keeping (Take out a few rednecks, retrieve a Thrax, and bring it back to the casino area)
  • Casino - Strong Arm Tactics (Protect Tao Cheng from Avery Duggan and his guards, then go to a country club)
  • Casino - Play to Win (Destroy all of Avery's oil tankers)
  • Casino - Bad Beat (Survive an onslaught of mercenaries)
  • Casino - Cashing Out (Go to Avery's ranch and eliminate him and his bodyguards)

GTA Online players earn money depending on the difficulty setting. With triple rewards, they can make a lot of progress within the span of a few hours. It's a reliable means of earning cash and reputation.

Casino Work


GTA Online players can also call Agatha for some extra jobs. Casino Work has a grand total of 13 regular missions. Such tasks range from witness intimidation to destroying enemy bases.

There are also three secret missions, which can be unlocked by meeting certain prerequisites (such as drinking or completing the casino heist).

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