GTA Online December 2022 title update details known so far

Michael is anticipated to make his GTA Online debut with the December 2022 DLC update (Image via GTABase)
Michael is anticipated to make his GTA Online debut with the December 2022 DLC update (Image via GTABase)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is expected to receive a major DLC update in December 2022. Every year, Rockstar Games releases two major DLCs for the game's online multiplayer mode, and this year's winter update is expected to arrive in the third week of this month.

While the gaming company is yet to confirm the rumors, data miners and Rockstar informants have revealed a number of upcoming game features. This article covers every update-related detail known so far in GTA Online.

Rumors and details about December 2022 title update for GTA Online

Expected release date and platforms

The next #GTAOnline Update should come out in exactly one month, on December 13.It should feature the return of Michael, and the ability to make your own music.What would you like to see in the DLC?Here is everything we know so far!⬇️…

On November 13, 2022, GTABase, a popular Grand Theft Auto game informant website, tweeted about the upcoming DLC. According to the website, the next update will be a title update with patch number 1.64 and is expected to be released on December 13 this year.

The current Heists Event and GTA+ benefits have been extended until December 12, 2022, and many players believe that Rockstar will release something new after this period.

The update will be available primarily on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Previous-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also expected to get the DLC update. However, it is possible that this is the last major update for old-gen consoles, as Rockstar Games may focus solely on next-generation consoles going forward.

Michael De Santa’s Online debut

What does this dude really know? Or any other dude? #nada Just add "might be" and say whatever the hell you want. Does #mightbe make #bullshit reality? It's a mystery. Or it isn't. The answer is not the answer. Or is it? #Unknowing is #Knowing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The update is expected to include the multiplayer debut of GTA 5 Story Mode character Michael De Santa. Throughout the last year, game developers have added multiple in-game references to the character, and data miners have discovered a possible spawn location with a pedestrian model named 'movie_set' in the game's files.

Michael is rumored to be bringing in a new Heist mission involving himself. His in-game presence will be centered around the movie industry, and his Heist will follow suit.

Creating your own music in-game

"Rapponator"A newer music mixer in development by Rockstar? Possible collaboration with Dr.Dre?…

Tez2, a popular Rockstar Games informant, revealed that GTA Online will allow players to create their own music in-game. The gaming company is working on a new music mixer called "Rapponator," and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has already registered the domain name ""

Players will be able to create their own beats and mixes in the game with this innovative feature. Dr. Dre, a popular rapper and producer, made his in-game debut in last year's Contract DLC. With Rapponator, it is said that Rockstar will be working with certain musicians to create the game's musical scores.

Other details and rumors


The new DLC is also expected to add several new vehicles to the game. With the addition of Hao's Special Works Auto Shop for next-generation consoles, players can expect brand new vehicles to be available for HSW Upgrades.

The community also anticipates general improvements and bug fixes. This is likely true for last-gen consoles, as the Criminal Enterprises DLC update rendered the game nearly unplayable on them.

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